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Film Review: Killer App (2017)

SYNOPSIS: A young hacker creates an “antisocial” networking app that matches enemies instead of friends. When her enemies start turning up dead, she must uncover who or what is behind it before it’s too late REVIEW: Technology has long been used as something to fear in horror tales. As it has become a more important aspect of everyday life, its …

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Film Review: Abbey Grace (2016)

SYNOPSIS: When Stacy’s mom dies, Stacey puts her life and career on hold and returns to her childhood home to take care of her OCD agorophobic brother Ben who hasn’t been out of the house for 23 years only to find out the house they grew up in harbors a disturbing secret. REVIEW: Possession movies find their fear deep inside …

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Film Review: Lake Eerie (2016)

SYNOPSIS: A young widow moves into an old house on Lake Erie to recover from the sudden loss of her husband; however, she soon discovers a dark secret and that she is not alone. REVIEW: There are watershed moments in adulthood that solidify how well you’ve done in life. One moment is when you buy a home. There are no …

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Film Review: Gorenos (2016)

SYNOPSIS: Miles is haunted by a supernatural entity in the wake of his 18th birthday. Gorenos is an independent horror film about a young man tha t becomes haunted by a supernatural entity in the wake of his 18th birthday. REVIEW: Demons and demomic forces are a large part of horror storytelling and something that demons always want is souls. …

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Film Review: Amityville Exorcism (2017)

SYNOPSIS: A family must put faith in a mysterious priest when an demonic force, connected to a decades-old murders in their home, possesses their daughter. REVIEW: Amityville is a horror franchise that feels like it has been around forever. The book The Amityville Horror was released in 1977 and a movie followed in 1979. There have been various other Amityville …

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Film Review: Razors The Return of Jack the Ripper (2016)

SYNOPSIS: The first installment in an exciting new horror franchise. A young writer believes she has discovered the holy grail of terror, the knives used by Jack the Ripper for his notorious murders. REVIEW: True crime is a popular subject right now. People are addicted to movies, television, and even podcasts devoted to recounting murders. This past year alone has …

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Film Review: Sick Sock Monsters From Outer Space (2015)

SYNOPSIS: Genovese’s movie takes place in an unspecified year from the future. Captain Pixws and his crew of space pirate sock puppets are forced to delivery tanning beds to every corner of the universe as their star-ship travels through intergalactic space. REVIEW: Sometimes I get to watch movies that I can’t fully wrap my head around. They are so mind-bogglingly …

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Film Review: Hectic Knife (2016)

SYNOPSIS: A put upon, knife wielding vigilante, Hectic Knife protects the city from scum, baddies and a new super villain bent on world domination, Piggly Doctor. REVIEW: Troma is a studio that finds unique and low budget movies, and brings them to the eyes of people who wouldn’t find them any other way. They release movies that play to the …

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Film Review: The Crush (1993)

SYNOPSIS: A journalist becomes the unwanted center of attention for a 14-year-old girl, who proceeds to sabotage his life after he refuses her sexual advances. REVIEW: I have a high tolerance for bad movies. It is hard to watch a movie and not find anything good in it. It is even tougher for a movie to be so overwhelmingly offensive …

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Film Review: Ghostline (2014)

SYNOPSIS: Life takes a terrifying and unpredictable turn for Tyler & Chelsea when they begin to receive menacing phone calls from a seemingly unstable woman who insists that Tyler’s her ex-boyfriend. REVIEW: Trends come and go in the movie industry. A movie will come along and hit a note in audiences that makes it extremely popular. Other filmmakers use the …

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