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TV Review: True Blood (Season 6) (TV Series) (2014)

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Now its sixth unforgettable season, True Blood is HBO’s sexy, scary, wildly entertaining series from Oscar- and Emmy-winner Alan Ball (Six Feet Under) and based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris.


Do you believe it! We’ve just completed season 6, another compelling chapter in the saga we’ve come to know as True Blood! Completing 10 episodes, this season had no shortage of interesting sub plots, storylines and mayhem. Under the HBO umbrella fans can enjoy all the regular characters they have come to know in past seasons. Though for me, it’s the season-end blu-ray that’s the treat to own.True-Blood-Season6-HBO-TV-Series-11


It has finally come down to the humans taking charge in a military effort to wrangle up several of the local vampires. Governor Burrell has made it official and called a “declaration of war” on vampires. This “vamp camp” which in many ways reminded of the old Nazi experiment camps wastes no opportunity in treating its captives as guinea pigs in the interest of information gathering. While the vampires are indeed the superior race, the humans have learned fast how to capture and torment them barring little in the way of compassion.


Digging into the past, Sookie finally learns the secret of her parents death and the actual vampire responsible. Though it is Niall Brigant (Rutger Hauer ), (Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Jason’s long lost relative) that appears to warn of impending danger. An ancient vampire who has lived over 6000 years by the name of Warlow is revealed as the same vampire that almost killed Sookie long ago as a child. Warlow, is intent on crossing over from another plane to enter into Sookie’s world to finally claim her for himself. This aspect is full of misdirection and plot surprise as we work our way thru the season again seeming to center its universe on the life of 1 local hottie.True-Blood-Season6-HBO-TV-Series-13



Bill (Stephen Moyer) has elevated his stature to that of a God who is able to walk in the daylight and use his mind to move objects. Fueled by the spirit and blood of Lilith, Bill believes he has been reborn to carry out Lilith’s will and lead the vampire revolution. Bill embraces things pretty well but seems to lose his sense of humanity in the process.



Alcide (Joe Manganiello) gets more screen time as he deals with his new found duty of being the local “pack” leader. Things though are not that cozy in the world of ambitious wolves and their tendency for violence thus causing a riff from within.


As the final episodes drew to a close, it was very apparent that the directors behind these episodes decided to add a bit of “retro style cinematography” often beautifully shot with a great deal of care injected into the framing of the shots and the positioning of the actors. There are moments here that just leap off the screen with romanticism and flavor that really show the talents of what the True Blood universe “can” look like in the perspective of different directing hands.


The usual cast of characters join us again for another round of multiple subplots and dramatic interactions that span from vampire politics to werewolf territory scuttles. I found the season much more fulfilling than Season 5 adding another level to the vampire mythology. As usual, Sookie can’t keep from sleeping with one of her many boy-toys as she seduces her way thru 1 relationship into the next.


I was wondering at the time if this might be the last season often feeling like all the characters were brought into the last episode as a tribute, but fear not as the True Blood universe has 1 more season announced to offer its fans.



Make sure to check out the new bluray release which has a special section that offers biographies on all the characters and their relationships to other main characters. You can even use the category section to isolate vampires, from werewolves from shape shifters. Those who may have forgotten about the back story on some of the characters will really love this section. The bluray also has a special extensive agenda section detailing the vamp camp and its various protocols.

True Blood Season 6 is now available on bluray per HBO

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