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Book Review: Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits and Haunted Places – Author Brad Steiger

2nd Edition
Written by Brad Steiger
Published by Visible Ink Press
Format: Black /White – 678 pages
Price: $24.95

“Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits and Haunted Places” now arrives on its 2nd edition. So if you thought the first was rather large, then this mammoth 678 page book will surely trigger additional space to be made upon your cozy supernatural shelf. Author Brad Steiger has created some of the top metaphysics books in our genre. This addition is no quick one-off taking on story after story compiled from every source he could find about haunted places in our nation (and beyond).

I knew this read would be a huge task to take on, as reading close to 700 pages and then trying to remember everything you read is alot to consume. How this book works best is by flipping thru to your titles of interest. Maybe you had more than a passing curiosity about a “certain” haunted location or area? Then a quick index check will to get you right into the heart of “that” subject.

The book is filled with hundreds of stories about people’s first-hand encounters at famed (and not so famed) locations. This ranges in the subject matter of orbs to spirits, to strange noises, to even strange creatures associated with the locations themselves. I had just finished reviewing a fictional film about the “Whaley House”. As I flipped thru, I came upon a section by the same name that discloses what real encounters had been reported from this haunted locale. Maybe your are curious about Hollywood spirits and the noted haunted motels of that area. Or maybe you just want to say you visited an area where Marilyn Monroe is noted to still haunt. There is alot of this and more to be investigated.

Stories are collected from incidents that come in all shapes and sizes. While one complains of a rogue entity, another delights in being visited by loved ones just after they have passed. It appears in the scheme of things that the after life is rich in choices. Still others linger about that range from common past residents to royalty figures of history. Personal accounts give common ghost stories life that is sometimes beyond comprehension. Whether it’s spiritual messaging, EVPs, ghost writing, or ectoplasmic photography, it all points to a common denominator…the road yet traveled.

Much is here to ingest and we visit haunted roads, to mansions, to names of areas that report playful ghosts all the way to restless rogue spirits. It soon becomes very clear whether you believe one or the other, that due to the overwhelming number of occurrences in this book, their is definitely “something” about the beyond that we will all face someday. For some that might be reassuring, to others it simply frightens.

Frightening is the inevitable response to this edition’s many, many stories compiled all under one roof. Haunted things, haunted centuries, ladies, priests, toll plazas, guitars, roads, or even the occasional floating head, it seems that hauntings have no bounds in the form or locations that they occupy. Brad Steiger continues to expand upon his original release with his 3rd edition much in his same narrative and engaging fashion. Perhaps the message here is that spirits continue to crossover providing more content than last year’s edition can hold. Maybe those who study the phenomena of the after life can gain some insight by histories own tales. An impressive (and heavy) read that will provide years of ghost revelations. “Real Ghosts..” has me convinced.

Book Review: Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits and Haunted Places – Author Brad Steiger

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