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Magazine Review: Creepy Images Magazine – Issue 10

Who’s is that ugly mug on the cover of this issue of “Creepy Images”? Of course it can be none other than that “Anthropophagus” cretin! (Can you say “Anthropophagus” 10x fast??)

Yep lots of cool images coming to ya this round with a special feature on the movie “Anthropophagus” to stare back at ya. Stab to the eye, guts spilling out, or just an image of screaming terror to haunt your dreams……you can find those marvelous lobby cards waiting for you to check out.

Moving on to the next batch we have those hauntingly eerie images of the film “Le nottit Del Terrore” (aka “Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror (1981)”). Now talk about some weird looking zombies, the close ups of these are hilarious with teeth sticking out farther than a hungry beaver! It’s those classic stills that make this all work (as I jot down a note to self about digging this one up for the late night viewing circle).

Shock Waves” was a great example of a substandard movie with much greater lobby cards and posters behind it. I had reviewed this one recently and found it sort of on the snooze end of cinema. However these shots with actress Brooke Adams (in sheer terror) are pieces of interest worth investigation.

Now we all know the famous “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” posters (whether you’ve seen the film or not). But how about these original poster art pieces made for a great wall hanging (to say the least). There is some fantastic artwork here and some damn interesting Italian poster/lobby art pieces. Such a great way to see images you may never have had the chance to see.

“Drácula contra Frankenstein (1972)” rounds out the horror art for this issue with some great pieces from this worthy Jess Franco movie. Not to mention the classic full frontal shot before it was edited into the poster art. Sweet!

The issue ends on a small section for Sherlock Holmes. Again more great painting work here!


Book Review: Creepy Images Magazine – Issue 10

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