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Magazine Review: Creepy Images Magazine – Issue 9

Creepy Images Magazine” just sent over their latest edition. Like previous releases, it’s chock full of visual treats for the horror fan and of course the influential collector of lost images. This latest issue #9 boldly displays its small tribute to exploitation memorabilia. And of course right out of the pen comes our favorite naughty exploitation Nazi character Ilsa. Buyers will want a few of these pages for some bodacious inspiration. Now the one thing I do have to note is since this magazine is created in Germany (English words though), some of these titles might allude a few of us American collectors. Out of the gate we have “Greta – Haus ohne Männer” which was released in US as (1977) “Wanda, the Wicked Warden” . Needless to probably say, there are some smoking hot images here of Dyanne Thorne from the 7o’s (yep…. plenty of smoking nude shots)

The Hills Have Eyes” a fan favorite is featured as “Sarandora”, its Japanese release. A few key photographic moments are captured nicely here. I especially like the photo of one of the backwoods brothers choking out a young lady. Not the choking..so much… but the fact that he has a outfit that actually has a “buzzard head” sticking out of it. Now that’s style!

Moving on, this issue contains some key shot from the film “Quella Villa Accanto Al Cimitero” (bet you can’t say that 10x fast!) Yep it’s a Lucio Fulci film that features a rather odd looking beast on is cover. Great paint job by the way! We are told that the creature is in fact the film’s Dr. Freudstein.

More striking images arrive per the “Blind Dead Series” with “Las Garras De Lorelei” taking the lead. While the reveal of the monster is not much above a bad Halloween costume, it looks silly enough to prompt one to track this one down.

The highlight for me (well besides those lovely Dyanne Thorne assets) comes in the way of the film “Virus“, a “Dawn of the Dead” knock off. Though isn’t everything basically a “Dawn of the eDeaD” knock off these days? “Virus” has some great lobby cards to accompany it. The kind you wont see these days unless the film is purposely trying to be market as retro.

The mag ends on the note of that “famed” worst movie in the world “Astro-Zombies“. So bad that it has become a cult fav…..go figure! That wraps it up for this issue…but on that note I think its time I’m sat down with “Virus” and “Astro-Zombies” for a day with the oldies afternoon.


Creepy Images Magazine – Issue 9

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  1. “Astro-Zombies” is very bad. I cannot comment on “Virus,” though.


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