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The Hitchhiker (1983-1991) – TV Show Episodes List

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Fictional stories are told in this television series by The Hitchhiker. Each story is usually a mysterious thriller.

Per Wiki
Each episode is introduced and concluded by a mysterious wanderer known only as “The Hitchhiker,” and explores the foibles of humanity and its dark spirit. The title character was played by Nicholas Campbell from 1983-1984 (3 episodes), and Page Fletcher from 1984-1991 (82 episodes). There were a total of 85 episodes over six seasons (39 first runs on HBO & 46 first runs on USA).

The Hitchhiker is a mystery anthology series that aired from 1983 to 1987 on HBO and First Choice in Canada. The series later moved to the USA Network from 1989 to 1991.

From Hitchhiker.com
When The Hitchhiker, HBO’s first dramatic series, debuted in 1984, the show was not only at the forefront of original programming for cable, but also helped establish the standards of excellence for such programming. The series also helped establish the acceptance of cable programming as an avenue for top film and television talents, and continued to be one of HBO’s most popular original dramatic series.

The Hitchhiker is a half-hour dramatic anthology series presenting modern morality tales with contemporary players. In 85 chilling stories, men and women struggle with the best and worst in themselves, battling with – and all too often succumbing to – their deepest lusts, obsessions and fears.

The Hitchhiker won eight ACE Awards and became the highest-ranking series on pay television. With powerful and controversial adult productions, The Hitchhiker presents sophisticated tales of terror and suspense, infusing them with stunning film-noir production values and movie-marquee talent.


01 Shattered Vows
02 When Morning Comes
03 Split Decision


01 Lovesounds
02 Remembering Melody
03 Face to Face
04 And If We Dream
05 Petty Thieves
06 Videodate
07 A Time for Rifles
08 Man at the Window
09 Hired Help
10 Murderous Feelings


01 Nightshift
02 Out of the Night
03 The Killer
04  W.G.O.D.
05 Man’s Best Friend
06 Ghostwriter
07 O.D. Feelin’
08 Dead Man’s Curve
09 The Curse
10 True Believer
11 Last Scene
12 Man of Her Dreams
13 One Last Prayer


01 Perfect Order
02 Minuteman
03 Dead Heat
04 Why Are You Here?
05 Homebodies
06 Doctor’s Orders
07 The Legendary Billy B.
08 In the Name of Love
09 Made for Each Other
10 Joker
11 Best Shot
12 Secret Ingredient
13 Cabin Fever

01 The Martyr
02 In Living Color
03 Dark Wishes
04 Garter Belt
05 Shadow Puppets
06 Renaissance
07 The Miracle of Alice Ames
08 Code Liz
09 Her Finest Hour
10 Together Forever
11 Phantom Zone
12 Spinning Wheel
13 Square Deal
14 Part of Me
15 Fashion Exchange
16 Hootch
17 Coach
18 The Verdict
19 Hit and Run
20 Studio 3X
21 Striptease
22 The Cruelest Cut
23 The Dying Generation
24 My Enemy
25 Power Play
26 Pawns


01 Fading Away
02 Tough Guys Don’t Whine
03 Riding the Nightmare
04 Strate Shooter
05 Hard Rhyme
06 Toxic Shock
07 New Dawn
08 A Function of Control
09 Trust Me
10 Windows
11 Working Girl
12 White Slaves
13 Tourist Trap
14 Homecoming
15 Living a Lie
16 Made in Paris
17 A Whole New You
18 Offspring
19 Secrets
20 New Blood

The Hitchhiker (1983-1991) – TV Show Episodes List

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