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Rue Morgue Podcast to premiere on iTunes

Toronto, CANADA – Rue Morgue, the world’s leading horror in culture and entertainment brand, has officially premiered its all new RUE MORGUE PODCAST now available on iTunes from http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-rue-morgue-podcast/id419274383 and/or directly from Rue Morgue at www.Rue-Morgue.com.

In this all new biweekly offshoot of the award-winning Rue Morgue Radio, listeners will be treated to bonus interview snippets hosted by RM Radio’s Stuart Feedback Andrews, along with giveaways, contests, fan mail and much more, all geared to traumatize the ears and sensibilities of those who lean towards the delicate.

“The Rue Morgue Podcast will continue our ongoing mandate to illuminate and celebrate the films, filmmakers, artists and personalities who contribute meaningful and progressive expressions to the genre,” remarked Rue Morgue president Rodrigo Gudiño.

Adds host Stuart Feedback Andrews: “We’re not interested in the knobheads, the numbskulls, the hacks or the crooks. This is the thinking person’s horror podcast.”

The premiere episode of the Rue Morgue Podcast features an interview with DVD producer “Iron” Mike Flesher from Red Shirt Pictures talking in depth about his upcoming projects, including the Blue Underground Blu-ray of Dario Argento’s Inferno, the Shout Factory reissues of Roger Corman’s Battle Beyond The Stars and Grand Theft Auto and the Synapse Films reissues of Red Scorpion and Intruder.

The Rue Morgue Podcast is the latest initiative from Rue Morgue, the first horror publication to break into the digital arena with Rue Morgue Digital, the electronic version of its award winning magazine, Rue Morgue, now in its 14th year and now also available electronically on iTunes, iPad and IPhone.

The web’s original all horror broadcast since 2004, Rue Morgue Radio has cultivated legions of dedicated listeners around the world, and showcases weekly interviews with the latest genre artists along with its ever popular Blood Spattered Guide and Caustic Critics segments, featuring columnists Liisa Ladouceur, along with Last Chance Lance and Stuart Andrews respectively.

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