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Magazine Review: Rue Morgue Magazine – Issue 110

There’s a Hobo with a Shotgun outside..what are ya gonna do? Well if you are picking up the latest issue of Rue Morgue 110, your gonna wannna tune into all things Rutger Hauer and read on about his latest film role. Sometimes all it takes is an absurd title and a major star to peek some interests but it’s good to hear “this one” has finally reached its debut bringing in a bit of retro quality with it. The latest read features 7 blood soaked pages detailing some of the behind the scenes and movie making tidbits we’ve been waiting for.

Now as a big fan of the Hell raiser franchise, I was overjoyed to see some new articles on those nasty Cenobian misfit demons. There is a retrospective of everything Hell Raiser in the form of a short film-to-film summary leading up the latest and soon to be newest. I’m actually quite glad a few things were cleared up as I’d been hearing the term “remake” on the franchise for quite some time.

So here is the skinny. “Hellraiser: Revelations” is the latest soon to be release film featuring a decoy Pinhead in the way of Stephan Smith. Now you can’t blame the guy as Doug Bradley really backed out of the production leaving old Pinhead wide open. However, I am quite curious to see for myself, what a new Pinhead means for the franchise. The other tidbit is that there is a Hellraiser remake in the works for 2012, which has nothing to do with this one. So for now, I say….just hang in there and lets see what transpires. The new Jason seemed to be ok, the new Freddy , not so much and well…. a new Pinhead…..hmmmm…. I’m skeptical.

On other fronts, we have the arrival of a new Clive Barker inspired and overseen comic series to arrive. I’m already drooling at the prospect. You should be seeing a review from me shortly on that. I love the HR comic series, so this is really good news.

“Insidious” gets a shorter feature but still a good read on the production. I’m guessing much more reading material will be coming forth with this new hit horror arrival. Creepy beers….um, ya interesting but basically a flip by for me. The Gormet wipes the dust off of 3 new releases to give us his view on some nasty new films. “Brutal Relax” is a new one I hadn’t heard of, so mission accomplished.

I was surprised that once I had hit the literal halfway mark in issue #110 that the rest was pretty much all reviews. I don’t remember there being a shortage of articles but maybe I’m wrong. In any case, if you run a mag or horror site …..like I do, then you already know that there is ALOT of films coming out and “keep keeping on” coming almost to the point of exhausting. So maybe it’s a bit of house cleaning reviewing with times that keep the filmmakers coming back for more. Ok, thats the scoop…oh and by the way….cool cover. I’m a big fan of the painted covers over the photo covers that Fango ran rampant with for so long.

Rue Morgue Magazine – Issue 110

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