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Magazine Review: Rue Morgue Magazine – Issue 94

Published by MARRS MEDIA INC.
Publication Date: 2009
Format: Color – 126 pages
Price: $9.95

Ok, kids…it’s that time again for another edition of what’s up in the Rue!? Now if you wondering what that huge oversized volume of goodness is sitting on the magazine shelf, then you guessed it right. It’s the 12th Anniversary Halloween Edition just in time for the festivities. That’s not all though…this issue gives a “Edgar Allan Turns 200” salute to the master of macabre himself. Yep a special section devoted to all things Edgar…so as fast as you can say collectors edition, then get to it. The nice tribute goes over his films, books and historical data wrapping up a pack of Edgar like early X-mas treat for a rainy day.

“Gross History of Gwar”, I must say this was one of my more favorite sections. Just because I haven’t had the pleasure of really reading anything in regards to historical GWAR. Yes, I attended a few of the shows back in the 80s /90’s and I confess to being upstage with a white t-shirt leave in blood covered splendor. Theatrics alone are worth the process of admission, though a GWAR show is like no other. Anyway’s we get an inside look for m the “Oderus” himself as he tells tales of GWAR and life on the road. Tell ya what, it sound like no picnic, and yet it’s all you expect from these demons in disguise. Fantastic…….. now all I need is a GWAR book to finish the evening.

Jack Brooks get serious with the “Shrine”. This one is a top tenner on my list. I highly enjoyed the “Monster slayer” film as look forward to seeing more of there wacky practical effects driven madness on screen. Just a small section of the upcoming film……hoorah

“Candy Apples and Razor Blades” is about the one and only film that has managed to stay elusive for a few years… yep Trick R treat! The features talks about the film, the comic graphic novel and a few words from Mr, Kreeg. I know fans will be all over this one this season …however you best bet is to save the article readings till after the viewings…this way your getting the whole beast fresh with no preconceptions. A film like this getting a feature was inevitable, and for that matter great timing for the Halloween season.

TV’s cartoon Creeps! – at last, not only a listing but a synopsis collection of a whole slew of them. Here’s the thing….no to long ago I was searching YouTube, looking for old horror cartoons. Trying to tap the old memory was quite challenge, so glory be that my search is over and I’ve got not 2 but 6 pages of horror cartoon goodness to indulge in. Though for the record, I do have to add my own submissions that were missing. “The Brothers Grunt” of MTV network years, and if I’m correct a few others from those creators. I Know there was another on Saturday cartoons called the Monster Squad and a handful more that I just cant recollect. In any case this list isn’t complete but it surely is helpful.

“Night of the Creeps” gets its own feature. As it should. this was one cool flick from the days, that has eluded DVD transference for frickin years. Sure bootleg copies went around, much of which were dubbed from the actual videos…but what the hey! Ya this year is seeing alot of these oldies but goodies come around. in which you’ll find another in the form of an ad called “Hardware” (and a 2 page article). Look a little deeper and you can get a quickie on the “Happy Birthday to Me” release. One of the films that really got more exposure by its in your face cover than the movie itself.

“Ghostly Greetings” is the hallmark of halloween greeting cards. Though these feel more like the artsy style of those old New yorker illustrations. Nice art and classic at that! Good to see someone took the time to care. A bit more artistic value that say the “sponge bob in a pumpkin patch” crap they’re putting out these days.

This issue packs in “alot” of reviews. Most of which we’ve reviewed as well on our site, so I wont go into to too much detail. Though my eye was affixiated to the “Abbreviated Terrors” section. 3 intriguing shorts that I may have to just investigate for myself. Shorts need love too….it’s just there’s so much damn horror feature coming out..they sometimes get the back burner. Cool beans!

Travelogue of Terror takes a trip to Orlando Florida for the Halloween attractions. Jealous? yes i am …………. but maybe when the economy picks up I’ll make the journey myself. In any case, this attraction is to die for!

The “Gore met” slices up “The “Butcher”. This is a film high on my radar, which if I’m correct will be in hand shortly. Tartan films have a pretty kick ass collection so when I heard they had a torture p*rn film in the making………. well I’m front row.

That wraps it up on this one, again……. a killer fat filled issueof over 100 pages!

Rue Morgue Magazine – Issue 94

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