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Book Review: The Hills have Eyes: The Beginning (TPB) – Author Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray

Written by Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray
Art by John Higgins
Published by Harper Paperbacks
Publication Date: 2007
Format: Color – 112 pages
Price: $17.99

Most likely you have seen the films, past and present. With those you have come to know the horrifying details of families who go astray and get stranded out in the desert only to be attacked by mountain folks. Fox Atomic has gotten together a strong line of talent to present the story long before the days of stranded motor homes and unfortunate victims. The story I’m talking about is “The Hills Have eyes: The Beginning”.

As we come across a rather peaceful village of folks who have lived isolate but proud in there small but quality existence, we find ourselves at the start of the nuclear age where militants offering pennies on the dollar have ordered the town to vacate due to nuclear testing the government wants use the grounds for. Reluctant to be ordered out by anyone for that matter, the town stands there ground and fights back to save the only home they know. Things get out of hand one night as some rogue militants decide to enforce a bit on there own and someone gets killed. Not standing down, the town takes the law into there own hands by assaulting the militants when they come visiting again. This of course leads to no good as an all out war is engaged against the village. With no choice left they move underground and to the hills while they watch there town become a memory and the military use the area to test nuclear explosions for years to follow.

The villagers make due and survive though the residual radiation is too much for many to handle. This also introduces a new anomaly which is the birth of mutant babies. As time goes by the mutants grow and the villagers eventually all die away to the radiation sicknesses. With there only means of survival to feast upon travelers and there supplies they start a ongoing ploy to lure travelers there way. This as you’ll remember brings us to the current state of affairs and the stories we’ve come to know through the films and sequels. The tale that is told is a tale of unfortunate circumstances that actually puts the focus of compassion on the mountain folk this round. The hardships they had to endure and the banishment from there only homes changes the general perspective in favor of the villagers rather than there means of survival.

This book provides a firm base that I feel is an excellent addition to the Hills have Eyes stories. Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray provide a solid background and lineage to the ongoing saga. In fact, I could easily see this becoming a sequell film in the future for audiences who enjoy a sense of origin to horror tales. John Higgins proves he can deliver the goods with the best of them providing great pen and inks filled with strong coloring. This book as with several other Fox Atomic releases gives the horror genre more that they can sink there teeth into. A jam packed volume that collects the entire story under one roof. Bonus features include last chapter sketches and a promotional art section featuring 1 page illustrations. The book also features a beautiful cover by Greg Staples. A freak-filled tale of violence, gore and compassion! You enjoy this one!

A Fox Atomic release available from Harper Collins
Also available from www.amazon.com

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