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Best Casino Horror Movies of All Time

Horror is one genre most people don’t associate with gambling or casinos. If anything, most casino and gambling scenes have appeared in thrillers (Casino Royale) and comedies (What Happens in Vegas, Hangover). Not so much in horror movies.

However, if you dig deep into the vast collection of B-Grade, Direct-to-Video, foreign-language, and C-Grade horror flicks, you will find casino-themed scary movies with strong elements of plain old gambling. And they come complete with good old intriguing plot lines and high stakes action.

Ready to get exposed to a new beyond normal? Settle in for spooky nights of fresh fear with these casino-themed horror flicks:

  1. Dead Man’s Hand

Released in 2007, the “Dead Man’s Hand” is arguably the most iconic casino-themed movie. Its tagline says it all- “casino of the damned.” Needless to say, if you love to play online casino games, noaccountcasino.xyz, you’ll love this one!

Dead Man’s Hand is about Matthew Dragna (Scott Whyte), who inherits a haunted casino from his uncle. After taking a road trip to find the run-down Mysteria Casino in the outskirts of Las Vegas, Matthew together with his girlfriend JJ and a group of friends end up in a fight with the ghosts of Vegas mobsters Gil Wachetta (Michael Berryman) and his boss Roy “The Word” Donahue (Sid Haig).

Seemingly seeking gruesome vengeance, the ghosts force the visitors to take them on to save their souls in a horrifying tale that builds to a surprising and bloody climax.

Overall, this movie is pulsating to watch, with the casino theme a much-needed fresh layer of intrigue.

  1. Leprechaun 3 (1995)

The Leprechaun is a movie series comprising 8 films in total. If anything, the original Leprechaun dates back to 1993 and features Jennifer Aniston as her debut movie. Not only that.

The first six films Leprechaun star the legendary Warwick Davis (Ewok Wicket from Star Wars). Though it is the third release that has heavy doses of casino-themed scenes. This direct-to-video film got shot in Las Vegas, with gambling and casinos as the main backdrop.

And though the acting is mostly atrocious and over the top (save for the excellent Davies), this movie is full of campy black humour. The plot covers a shop owner who happens to receive a leprechaun statue that has a gold attached to it. The one rule? The shop owner should never remove that specific coin.

Naturally, he does, and so all hell breaks loose. The statue transforms to become the legendary murderer Leprechaun, who will stop at nothing to get his gold back.

  1. 13 Tzameti (2005)

This is French-Georgian movie is one of the few that deals with the Russian roulette, ‘the ultimate game of chance’. In any case, Tzameti means 13 in the Georgian language. 13 Tzameti’s hero, Sebastian, is a poor immigrant residing in France and working as a construction worker.

By chance, Sebastian comes across a mysterious sealed envelope with details of a lucrative job inside. As any desperate man would do, Sebastian follows the instructions detailed in the letter, only to end up in an isolated cabin, where criminals are hosting a literal do or die gambling tournament.

And in this Russian roulette, with every round, the bullets in the revolvers increase. 13 Tzameti bagged prizes at the Venice and Sundance Film Festivals.

  1. The Remains (2011)

The Remains is a horror film based on Steven Nile’s comic “Remains.” This movie focuses on a post-apocalyptic America that comes about because of badly disposed of nuclear weapons. In any case, The Remains mostly plays out in a fictional Reno casino, where casino employees and a group of other survivors are preparing for an inevitable zombie attack.

These guys even participate in actual gambling as they wait for the zombies to attack. And as far as horror films go, many viewers best describe Remains as unforgettable. Though some feel it lacks serious horror elements.

  1. Resident Evil: Extinction

If you’re both a gamer and horror movie enthusiast, then you’ve probably heard about the Resident Evil series. The original Resident Evil game dates back to 1996, while the first movie got adapted in 2002. Now, just like with Remains, Resident Evil’s premise encompasses an apocalyptic America that pits heroes against flesh-eating zombie.

So where do casino and gambling themes come in? In the third series- Resident Evil: Extinction. This film is set in Las Vegas and though the Vega strip lies decrepit and abandoned, expect to see lots of gambling and casino themes inspired scenes.

In Summary

The movies aforementioned are merely a tip of the iceberg when it comes to casino-themed horror movies. Definitely, there are many others. Search diligently and see how much you’ll surprise yourself.

Still, these movies are an excellent place to start. They feature a ton of scary action, with gambling and casino themes expertly woven into different scenes. Enjoy!

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