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Mary-Louise Parker: Hottest Sexiest Photo Collection

Mary-Louise Parker is one talented actress that always brings a unique charm to her on screen performances. Certainly an active actress, Mary-Louise has been going strong with an impressive resume to her name. Her accomplishments and noted awards over the years are proof of that.

Getting an early start in 1975, she would move forward into a variety of roles over the years. Active as well in television series, her most noted would fall upon her performance as Nancy Botwin in the “Weeds” series than ran from 2005-2012 (not too shabby!)

Though as with all these features, Horrornews.net makes special mention of the more genre related performances that Mary-Louise Parker has contributed to. While Parker has focused more on dramatic roles, she has made time to contribute her skills to films like: “Red Dragon“, “R.I.P.D.” and the “RED” films where she played the role of Sarah.

On the TV end, she has made worthy appearances in the series “Billions” and “The Blacklist” (both personal favorites of ours).

Mary-Louise Parker has always brought an undeniable sexiness to whatever project she takes leading us up to this gallery feature. While, we anticipate much more, (and hopefully a few worthy horror film inclusions) we are content with showcasing her a beauty deserving of feature on HNN. Without further ado we present: “Mary-Louise Parker s Hottest Sexiest Photo Collection”

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  1. Happy birthday to Mary Louise Parker xxx


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