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Lena Olin: Hottest Sexiest Photo Collection

Lena Olin: One hot actress celebrity that we felt was underrated despite her great contributions. With Lena now in her 60’s, there is no denying the appeal and attraction that this lady still exudes, even in her later stages of career (really how many 60+ year olds comes close to the sexiness of this lady!!).

Lena has been in the acting game since the late seventies with an active career that reaches into film and television with her latest upcoming role playing the “The Colonel” in the upcoming TV series “Hunters”.

Most fans of Lena would point directly to her role as Mona Demarkov in 1993’a cult smash “Romeo Is Bleeding” as her most striking and impactful performance. The level of sexiness Lena brought to this role remains a highpoint to the film playing alongside veteran actors Gary Oldman. In fact, despite the film being a latecomer to blu ray, we highly recommend it as a permanent part of collections.

Lena Olin would go onto play largely in dramatic roles with the occasional horror film granted to us for good measure. Among those, favorites include: 1999’s “The Ninth Gate“, 2002’s “Queen of the Damned” and the underrated cult smash “Darkness” (also of 2002)

Centered more on action drama roles, Lena always delivers with engaging on screen performances (and we look forward to whatever new horror genre projects that lie ahead). Getting to the focus at hand, we ave managed to collect a few sexy and compelling images of Lena Olin over the years that deserve a place as much as any within our hot, sexy gallery.

Rightly so and included for our readers and admirers we have dubbed this gallery: “Lena Olin’s Hottest Sexiest Photo Collection”

(photography and image rights belong to original photographers)

Stay tuned for more sexiness and compelling photos for our gallery!