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Top Sexiest Horror Movies Ever Made

When looking around for horror movies, there are many qualities which you may search for; scary, atmospheric, creepy, gory, tense, etc. However, if there’s one quality which you’ll not normally expect to find in a horror movie, it’s the quality of being sexy. What could possibly be hot about a movie which probably involves a symphony of blood, guts and various spatterings of other bits? This list explains how. As always, spoiler alert.

Girl House 

A relatively unknown horror by casual horror fan standards, Girl House is a modern cult gem. Considering the entire setting of the movie is at a cam girl house, you can instantly see why this movie is on this list. Girl House follows a young college student by the name of Kylie as she moves into a house which streams steamy content to an adult X-rated website. An obsessively deranged fan manages to find the location of the house and turns the movie into an intense mixture of sexiness and tension. As you can expect, death is to follow the footsteps of the deranged fan.


Any fan of horror and Tarantino/Roth will have seen Hostel at least once in their lives. It’s almost your duty as a horror fan to watch Hostel, which follows three tourists who go on a sex tour of Europe in order to sleep with as many women as possible. A mysterious youth encourages them to travel to Eastern Europe, where there’s a promise of an abundance of young sex-starved ladies. With Tarantino never being one to fail to deliver a promise of graphic content, several sex scenes ensue (cue the violence and bludgeoning which follows, but we’ll forget that in this situation) which make for Hostel to be one steamy film. A gory one, too. Emphasis on the gore part. Expect blood, boobs and brutality. 


Korean horror truly is the gift that keeps giving and this time, we’re given the gift of a dark horror romance. Thirst documents the story of Sang-Hyun, a priest who works for a hospital, who is contaminated by a deadly virus which he is trying to create a vaccine for. Weirdly, he doesn’t die from the infection and is infused with vampire blood, which brings about many strange changes in his system, including the lust for human flesh. As you can imagine, plenty of sex follows this, fulfilling the needs of the bloodthirsty priest.


It’s rare that a horror movie has even one well-known actor or actress, but Species is host to several A-List actors such as Ben Kingsley, Forest Whitaker, Alfred Molina, etc. Species is the strange tale of an Extra-Terrestrial project which seeks to put a stop to a horrific creature which can turn from a beautiful woman to deadly in the blink of an eye, all before it breeds. Many strange scenes follow the group as they strive to put a stop to the masterful alien’s deeds, which can be expected from a movie about an alien wishing to mate with humans.

Black Swan 

Whether you class Black Swan as a horror movie or just a very dark thriller teetering on the brink of being classed as a horror movie, you cannot deny that Black Swan is one of the sexiest dark movies ever made. Black Swan’s entire premise of a ballerina fighting for the role as the Swan Queen in Swan Lake whilst she spirals into insanity is certainly enough to make you want to see this if you haven’t already. In one rather well-known scene from the movie, we are witnesses to a raunchy lesbian sex scene between Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis, both of whom execute the scene perfectly with finesse and grace.

American Psycho 

Is this a weird pick? Yes. Is this a great movie? Yes. Does it belong on this list? Absolutely. American Psycho is based on the book of the same name (by Bret Easton Ellis), which is often regarded as one of the most disturbing pieces of literature of all time, often finding itself amongst the ranks of works by de Sade, Stephen King, etc. Perhaps this one will be a more popular addition to the list to the ladies, but it belongs here nonetheless. Of course, if you’re watching a movie about a narcissistic sociopathic psychopath, you’d expect a few sex scenes, and American Psycho delivers just that, with several scenes of self-indulgent intercourse. However, there are also less-than-sexy moments, one of which includes a coathanger. Not for the best viewing, but the crazy horror fans will appreciate this one.

An American Werewolf In London 

A classic go-to horror of the ‘80s, An American Werewolf In London follows the story of two American students who go on a walking tour of England, one of whom is mauled by a werewolf, and the other of whom is killed in the attack. As the surviving student is taken to hospital and recovers from the attack, he meets the beautiful nurse Alex, who cares for him. Feeling a close affinity to David, she brings him back to live with her for a while and so we’re then provided with one of the hottest and literally steamiest horror sex scenes out there.

If you’re looking for a wholesome or sexy romantic movie to watch with your partner, this list is perhaps a risky one to use for recommendations. However, for the brave ones amongst you, you may just find yourself a new favourite horror movie! Which horror films would you consider to be the sexiest?


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