Neca Unveils New Ghostface Figure From Scream Franchise


There’s news today of Neca releasing their first out of two action figures that features the infamous villain from Wes Craven’s Scream franchise, Ghostface. Rumor has it, and yes this is just a rumor, that since this action figure comes out around the same time Scream 4 is released, this may or may not be what the new Ghostface actually looks like in the film. This Ghostface action figure stands 7-inches and comes with a … Continue reading

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Scream 4: screaming for more?


There seem to be some problems emerging with SCREAM 4/SCRE4M which are setting alarm bells¬† ringing with fans around the world. With creator Kevin Williamson either on or off the project¬† (depending what you read) and rewrites of the script having taken place, it’s easy to lose track¬† of what’s actually happening. The film is now shooting., and there seems to be some drama¬† unfolding surrounding the production- that much is certain. This is actually … Continue reading