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Comic Review: The Dead Cell OGN


Issue: The Dead Cell OGN
Writer: John Barker
Artist: Scott DM Simmons
Publisher: Arcana
Release Date: 2011
Pages: 80
Price: $14.99

“How would the world be changed if the mentally ill were allowed to determine reality? The Dead Cell explores the experiments of the recently graduated Monica McCoy, and her employment with the secret “Dream Research Program” at Breckenridge State Hospital. While being briefed on the … Continue reading

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Comic Review: WOW: Curse of the Worgen – Issue 1


Issue: WOW: Curse of the Worgen #1
Writer: Micky Neilson, James Waugh
Artist: Ludo Lullabi, Tony Washington
Letters: Wes Abbott
Editor: Hank Kanalz
Publisher: Wildstorm
Release Date: 2010
Pages: 32
Price: $2.99

“The best-selling WORLD OF WARCRAFT comic series returns in time for a worldwide CATACLYSM! A series of grisly, animalistic murders have rocked the walled town of Gilneas. A famous detective sets out … Continue reading

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Comic Review: Pinocchio Vampire Slayer OGN


Issue: Pinocchio Vampire Slayer OGN
Writer: Van Jensen
Artist: Dusty Higgins
Publisher: Slave Labor Graphics
Release Date: 2010
Pages: 128
Price: $10.95

“After seeing Geppetto die at the hands of vampires, Pinocchio swears revenge in this darkly funny graphic novel. As the vampires plot the enslavement of mankind, only a one-puppet army stands in their way. But will a wooden boy and his endless supply of … Continue reading

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Comic Review: I Am Legion


Issue: I Am Legion
Writer: Fabien Nury
Artist: John Cassaday
Letters: Crank!
Colors: Laura Martin
Publisher: Humanoids
Release Date: 2011
Pages: 184
Price: $19.95

“World War II rages as two supernatural entities pursue collide in a conflict hinged on ideologies and the lives of men. The outcome will decide the end of the war itself! Beneath it all, the Nazi pursue a project called … Continue reading

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Comic Review: Descent of the Dead – Issue 2


Issue: Descent of the Dead #2
Writer: Rich Perez
Artist: Francis Penavic
Inker: Rage Ledbetter
Publisher: Tango Unlimited
Release Date: August 2011
Price: $3.99

“Picking up from where the first issue left off the town of Roanoke has lost communications with HQ and the tech repair teams who have went to investigate have gone missing. The call goes out to Tango Company to investigate. Tango company … Continue reading

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Comic Review: Blokes Tomb of Horror – Issue 666


Issue: Blokes Tomb Of Horror #666
Writers: Jason ‘Bloke’ Crawley, Lyndal Ferguson, Mixtress Mary DeSade, Alessio Landi, Fabrizio Fassio & Valentino Sergi
Artists: Alfredo & Alessio Nocerino, Alberto Lingua, Vincenzo Balzano, Lyndal Ferguson, Mirko Benotto, Tony Karnes, Alessandro Borroni, Silvano & Renato Stevanato.
Publisher: Virus Comix
Release Date: April 2011
Pages: 52
Price: $4.99

“Created and put together by writer Jason ‘Bloke’ Crawley this latest issue … Continue reading

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Comic Review: The Vault – Issue 2


Issue: Vault #2
Writer: Sam Sarkar
Artist: Garrie Gastonny
Colors: Sakti Yuwono
Cover: Bagus Hutomo
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: August 2011
Pages: 32
Price: $3.50

“A small team of treasure hunters struggles to excavate a dangerous and legendary treasure pit before a massive storm hits Sable Island, the Graveyard of the North Atlantic.. Equipped with all the latest technology, the scientists believe they … Continue reading

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Comic Review: Deadworld: Last Siesta OGN


Issue: Deadworld: Last Siesta OGN
Writer: Gary Reed
Artist: Mark Bloodworth
Publisher: IDW
Release Date: September 2011
Pages: 112
Price: $15.99

“King Zombie heads across the border and finds himself plunged into a bitter dispute between a former drug cartel and the assassin Raga. This original graphic novel runs 112 pages and retails for $14.95.”

Artwork: 5.0 out of 5
I bow down to you … Continue reading

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Comic Review: Blokes Tomb of Horror – Issue 5


Issue: Blokes Tomb of Horror #5
Creator: Enrico Teodorani
Artists: Mike Hoffman, Antonio Conversano, Chaz Turog, Enrique Badia Romero, Val Mayerik, Andrea Bulgarelli, Greg LaRocque, Matteo Pirocco, Nik Guerra, Alex Priano
Stories & Scripts: Enrico Teodorani, Jason Crawley
Publisher: Virus Comix
Release Date: December 2010
Pages: 52
Price: $4.99

“Set in a dark gothic western time during the late 1800′s Djustine battles all kinds of … Continue reading

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Comic Review: Motel Hell – Issues 1-3


Issues: Motel Hell #1-3
Writer: Matt Nixon
Artist: Chris Moreno
Colors: Tom Smith
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Release Date: 2011
Pages: 24 (each)
Price: $3.99 (each)

“Welcome back to America’s favorite cinematic psycho siblings, Vincent & Ida Smith as these two insane farmers recruit some new prospective “crops” for their special garden. A group of wine snobs are flown into to their Napa Valley winery for … Continue reading

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Comic Review: The Vault – Issue 1


A team of experts have gathered on an expedition visit to Oak Island, a mysterious location that is rumored to contain the whereabouts of lost treasures. Headed by Gabrielle Parker and Dr. Michael Page, they are determined to excavate a dig in the hopes of buried treasure that will fund their expedition and bring them great profit. This location has been known to treaure hunters for close to 2 centuries but has … Continue reading

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‘Undead Evil’ Creeps in just in time for Halloween


New Horror Series Undead Evil Creeps Onto Shelves in October

Asylum Press announced today that Undead Evil, a gritty new four-issue horror comic book mini-series, will debut in comic shops nationwide on October 5, 2011, just in time for the Halloween season. The books will be distributed through Diamond Comic Distributors, Haven Distributors and Tony Shenton.

Written by Frank Forte (Asylum of Horrors, Warlash, Vampire Verses) and drawn by fan favorite artist … Continue reading

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Comic Review: Rachel Rising Issue 1 – Author | Artist Terry Moore


Writer/Artist: Terry Moore
Abstract Studio

After the gripping epic science fiction series ECHO, Terry Moore (the man who also created the magnificent Strangers in Paradise) is back with a journey into yet another genre with the first issue of RACHEL RISING, a new horror series. This first chapter in the story really does whet your appetite for what is to come, and acts very much like … Continue reading

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Comic Review: Hellraiser – Issue 3 (Boom Studios)


The world of the cenobites has long been one of a solemn existence without sun, without escape and without relief from pain. It appears that those days may be coming to an end as the demons in a “hell outside of hell” prepare for a new age.

In this 3rd of the series, we get a glimpse of many subplots forming giving us pieces to nibble without any … Continue reading

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Comic Review: Zombie Chuck – Issue 1


Issue: Zombie Chuck #1
Writer: Brian Fyffe
Artist: Brian Fyffe
Release Date: 2011
Pages: 32
Price: $3.50

Artwork: 4.0 out of 5
This is what I call a visually fun horror ride. Fyffe’s style is not like what you would find in most comic books, instead is has the feel of a comic strip and that in itself is a plus in a very specific direction. … Continue reading

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Comic Review: Witch Doctor – Issue 1


Issue: Witch Doctor #1
Writer: Brandon Seifert
Artist: Lukas Ketner
Colors: Sunny Gho
Special Medical Consulting: Karen Anderson
Publisher: Image (Skybound)
Release Date: July 2011
Pages: 28
Price: $2.99

“Meet Vincent Morrow, a doctor looking for a vaccine… for the apocalypse! In this stand-alone first issue, a family needs Dr. Morrow’s help with their son’s illness: Demonic possession. But when Morrow attempts an experimental … Continue reading

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Comic Review: The Life and Times of Julius Destructus GN


Issue: The Life and Times of Julius Destructus GN
Writers: Tim Baron, Ben Avery
Artist: Tim Baron
Release Date: 2011
Pages: 186
Price: $14.99

“6 worlds ago, the portal opened. The Realm of Endless Monsters chose Julius; and 6 worlds burned. Tonight, on the eve of his 7th invasion, his treachery will end. And his new destiny will begin.”

Artwork: 4.5 out of 5
Let me … Continue reading

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Comic Review: The Grimm: Caelum Simianus – Issue 1


Issue: The Grimm: Caelum Simianus #1
Writer: Michael Beazley
Artist: Michael Beazley
Letters: Michael Beazley
Colors: Michael Beazley
Publisher: General Jack Cosmo Productions
Release Date: 2010
Pages: 28
Price: $4.00

“An unidentified flying object is the source of a disturbance in a small farm town bringing in the Centers of Disease control and Special Missions Unit 13. No communication. Cattle mutilation on an epic … Continue reading

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Book Review: The God Machine HC


Issue: The God Machine HC
Writer: Chandra Free
Artist: Chandra Free
Publisher: Archaia Entertainment
Release Date: 2010
Pages: 160
Price: $24.95

“Stricken with grief from the death of his girlfriend, Sith, Guy Salvatore struggles to make sense of his world. He’s plagued with hallucinations of monsters that torment him with outrageous requests. Enter Satan: a strange, old man who implores Guy to call upon his latent … Continue reading

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Comic Review: Planet of the Living Dead – Issue 1


Issue: Planet of the Living Dead #1
Writer: Joe Wight, David Hutchison
Artist: David Hutchison
Publisher: Antarctic Press
Release Date: 2011
Pages: 32
Price: $3.50

“A forced landing on a lawless mining planet brings the crew of a small salvage ship face to face with an entire population of flesh-eating zombies. Every soul on the planet has somehow been turned into a brain-starved ghoul, bent on … Continue reading

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Comic Review: Green Wake – Issue 4


Issue: Green Wake #4
Writer: Kurtis Wiebe
Artist: Riley Rossmo
Publisher: Image
Release Date: July 2011
Pages: 32
Price: $3.50

“The revelation of Green Wake’s next murder victim sends Morley on a frantic mission against time. All the events in Green Wake begin to converge, combining together to reveal the darkest of its mysteries. But for Morley, there is more than time working against him, and … Continue reading

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