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Book Review: Hotwire – Deepcut – Issue 1

Looks like Alice Hotwire is back!  After living a recluse for 6 months and recovering from her spout with the “blues”, she is needed back on the force to deal with these ramped ghosts and specters. It also seems she has been keeping company with an old boyfriend  “blue” who really is against all she stands for.

Being super smart has been somewhat of a curse for Alice who takes meds to dumb herself down and live a more tranquil and less feisty lifestyle. It’s her duty as Exorcist detective that requires the full version in tact but also releases a darker agitated side to her. With suppressor towers all around, the major work of keeping these blue ghost things at bay is pretty stable, though the Force still has to deal with stronger rougue spirits who are intent on causing trouble and making a mess of things. A new one has shown up that calls Alice back out of hiding to do what she does best. But the force is as uneducated as they are ignorant and seem to cause more harm than good. Alice is arrested for working under the influence and the issues at hand seem to be only beginning.

This issue is one of 3 titled “Hotwire: Deep cut”. Another 3 partner exploring the parallel world of Alice Hotwire and her battles against ghosts and demons. Warren Ellis and Steve Pugh are on hand to bring you this ultra scif fi tale that seems to get better as it progresses. The artwork is slick, detailed and very blue which at times seems to glow off the pages. It’s no surprise as these spirits also seem to carry alot of blue glow to them making it a perfect marriage of style. Alice in some ways mirrors a sci-fi version of the Resident Evil Alice played by Milla Jovovich. It would be great to see them team up on screen. 1 down and 2 more to go, looking forward to the series.


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