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Moondog Mackey lives in the swamps of South Jersey. I am a nerd for the show Doctor Who and have been since the 4th Doctor in the early 80s. I am also a geek for British comedy, all kinds of movies, with the horror and science fiction genres in particular. I am also a fan of 80s cartoons, retro toys from the 70s, and a major fan of traveling all over the globe. I believe that Han Solo shot first and there was a second shooter on the Grassy Knoll.

The Doctor Who Project: An Adventure in Time and Space

During the 50th anniversary celebration of Doctor Who the BBC along with BBC America celebrated the franchise by each month delivering a classic episode featuring each of the 11 Doctors. The First Doctor was featured in the episode The Aztecs which was an absolute treat for me because my memories of the First Doctor were limited to limited archived footage …

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