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3 Scary Clowns You Should Avoid

The theme of incorporating a scary clown into the realm of horror begs to challenge your psyche with a character we should adore and love. Yet is exchanged with that of something twisted beyond comprehension. It’s that affinity between what we “should” love turned backwards into something evil and loathing.

On the note of loathing we have 3 clowns as of late that simply push the envelope in their department never offering viewers a chance to love them as they were intended to be…..clowns. Rather they wear the face of irony by adding 1 part evil and 1 part child entertainer. Perhaps it’s our lasting memory of real life serial killer John Wayne Gacy who lured in young teens to victimize that still sticks with us? Or maybe it was just simply a clown we remembered from the circus as a child who struck us the wrong way?

Regardless, we’ve seen a fair share of clowns in horror. Though 3 come to mind that wear their horror crowns with pride and purpose. These are the ones I have to hide from my children whenever they are on TV or playing in my DVD player.

American Horror Story: Freakshow
The TV series “American Horror Story” has always taken things as dark as they can push them. Exploring all sorts of forms of evil and locations none was greater than introducing the serial killing clown “Twisty”. Twisty appeared wearing his trademark evil grin mask embedding his image into the minds of horror fans everywhere. Played by actor John Carroll Lynch, who would have known that his eyes were “soul less enough” to incorporate the dark image of a psychotic clown. “American Horror Story: Freak Show” was presented in 2014 instantly attacking our senses with Twisty and his murderous exploits. It’s an image that’s hard to erase.

American-Horror-Story-Freak-Show-Twisty-clown-(3) American-Horror-Story-Freak-Show-Twisty-clown-(1) American-Horror-Story-Freak-Show-Twisty-clown-(2)

All Hallows Eve (2013)
An independent horror film that understands the dark fear that others manifest when it comes to clowns bearing evil grins. Part surreal and part nightmarish, “Art the clown” of “All Hallows Eve” is one twisted version indeed. As Art the clown becomes more and more connected to the tales within this anthology style film, his ability to creep us out also escalates. I thought the poster alone did the trick, but there is more to this freakish clown than just an evil grin. A recent film (2013) “All Hallows Eve” marks its territory clearly with a clown that takes a lead from “The Ring” by use of a VHS that unleashes evil incarnate. We are taken thru 3 tales of terror that center on this macabre and sneering rancid monster. Oh ya….. don’t let him catch you watching his film.

all-hallows-eve-2013-movie-Art-the-clown-(2) all-hallows-eve-2013-movie-Art-the-clown-(1)

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Clown (2014)
The Eli Roth-produced movie “Clown” steps heavily into the spotlight as a new contender for scary films intending to freak movie goers out. A film that that actually had its poster banned in Italy has received some delays in releasing. Though fans who can’t wait, can check out its disturbingly unnerving trailer below. All I can say is that word must have gotten out….scary clown films are coming your way! A clown outfit that refuses to come off affixing to the suitor in a most horrific way sets the tone for this upcoming horror film.



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  1. All Hallow’s Eve is a movie that really snuck up on me. I expected it to suck, but instantly liked everything about it. Then, after the first 2 segments, I was convinced that it was a supercool flick, but not at all scary. Then I finished the movie and found myself (nearly) too scared to open my door and return upstairs. As many horror movies as I watch, that’s a rare, rare thing.


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