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Target Announces They are Pulling all Clown Masks!

With Halloween almost here, the talk begins to grow with the huge clown phenomenon. There has been so many different stories lately about clowns, it is hard to count anymore.

Even Ronald McDonald is on hiatus until the clown phase calms down, according to nbcnews.com. “McDonald’s and franchisees in the local markets are mindful of the current climate around clown sightings in communities and as such are being thoughtful in respect to Ronald McDonald’s participation in community events for the time being,” spokeswoman Terri Hickey said in an emailed statement.

In the latest, it seems Target has announced that they are pulling all clown masks from the shelves.

Amidst the hysteria of clown appearances and attacks across the nation, news stories have popped up everywhere of clown sightings, threats from clowns and even attacks since our last report on the clown madness.

I will even mention personally that my 7th grade son came home one day and would not stop talking about clowns. There was heightened police presence for a few days and rumors of “clowns” threatening and appearing in my town. It was quite interesting, nonetheless.



According to startribune.com, Joshua Thomas, a Target spokesman said that all clown masks had been pulled from stores and they were also working on pulling them from online as well. This was due to a “sensitivity at hand.”. Are any other big box stores going to follow?

Renowned author or Horror, Stephen King, posted on his Twitter, “Hey, guys, time to cool the clown hysteria–most of em are good, cheer up the kiddies, make people laugh.”




Out of all this mass hysteria of clown madness, what do you think started it all? Some are still saying it is inspired by the release of a few different horror films that include a clown character. As far as other ideas, it is a dead end.

One will always wonder.



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  1. SteelScissorsInYourSkull

    People are such children and the mainstream PC media is so ridiculous. There is no more connection between news reporting and objective reality.


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