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Body Horror Artbook – Dark and Disturbing Works of Paul Gerrard

As a big fan of all things Hellraiser and the announcement of anything new to the circle, I’m happy to present some news on what looks to be one helluva art book under design by artist Paul Gerrard. The book which is now under a crowd funding campaign is a springboard into a series of short films as detailed by Gerrard.

“I’m hoping the book is a springboard to the long term goal of shooting a number of horror shorts. All with the vibe I mentioned, all body horror related. Based on characters and mini stories from this book. All the proceeds of the book will go into the pre-production costs of the shorts.

What I’m working on day to day apart from the book is the horror shorts . Myself and writer Paul Griffiths formed BEYOND DARKNESS FILMS last year after collaborating on Hellraiser Origins. Together we are busy planning these shorts, presentation artwork and full scripts for a number of our features that we want to Direct ourselves.

One such short will be derived from the universe created for Hellraiser Origins”

Paul is responsible for designing the creatures from TMNT with plans for design work on the new VideoDrome Remake


Check out some of the stills from below

Paul-Gerrard-Company-of-Shadows-(1) Paul-Gerrard-Company-of-Shadows-(2) Paul-Gerrard-Company-of-Shadows-(3) Paul-Gerrard-Company-of-Shadows-(4)

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