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AMERICAN MARY’S Katharine Isabelle Joins The Cast Of NBC’s HANNIBAL

We are going to file this one in the “best horror news in quite a while” file. It was announced today that genre fave Katharine Isabelle has landed a gig on the hit NBC horror/drama HANNIBAL. Hell ya!

Katharine recently made huge waves as the star of The Soska Sisters AMERICAN MARY but horror fans fell in love with here long before then when she starred in the GINGER SNAPS films and later FREDDY VS. JASON.

Isabelle will take on the role of Margot and it appears as if she may be a love interest for Will Graham but we’ll have to see how that works out because of course Will is in prison and reportedly Margot is a Lesbian but you never can tell. What we do know is that the character if Margot will be introduced in episode eight of the new season and will be around for at least four episodes.

Margot will be a patient of Dr. Lector who is attempting to deal with the fact that she has suffered years of abuse at the hands of her serial killer brother. Sounds like a meaty little role.

This is great news for an already great show.

Congrats Katharine!!


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  1. Bryan Fuller (head writer) confirmed Margot Verger will be a member of the LGBT community and will NOT be a romantic interest of Will’s. I’m sure Will and Margot will form a strong connection, but it will be strictly platonic.


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