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Book Review: Evidence of the Gods – Authors Erich von Daniken and Christian von Arnim

I’ve had this book in my possession for quite a few weeks. Strangely I found myself indifferent on how I was going to review it. The book “Evidence of the Gods” is essentially a “picture book” by well known author Erich von Daniken. “Evidence of the Gods” is narrated by Daniken who comments in great detail in between the photo collectives included. To own the book and absorb its visual imagery can be quite the mind bender (if you were taking the stance of a skeptic that doesn’t believe we were visited from beings in our past). The evidence (as suggested by the title) is indeed compelling and certainly grounds for investigation.

Within each of the sections were are shown the visual documentation of several (if not hundreds of) stone carvings and symbolic engravings that suggest “something” influenced/visited our residents of past culture. Remarkably even without reading the author’s explanations, it is clear that there is a certain affinity “between” locations (extremely far apart) which defy explanation.

Perhaps this book satisfies explanation with the simplest solution. Were we visited by beings in our past that influenced our earlier cultures? Was this documented in the only real way to preserve a message over time….thru rock engravings? Author Erich von Daniken has spent quite alot for time writing books on this subject and theorizing on what it all means (hence his break thru “Chariots of the Gods”). My interpretation of Daniken’s explanations is that they sometimes can get a bit “heady” for comfort layered deep in culture historics. But….there is certainly nothing wrong with that, for those who actually “seek” this kind of intellectual affirmation.

I proceeded to read thru the chapters provided that reinforce the visual content. These visuals can be quite astounding to behold presented in full glossy color from the archives of the author’s research.

The idea of “chariots” rears its ugly head “again” from an earlier age that might as well consider “prehistoric”. We learn more about the connections between locations such as Easter Island and Newgrange. We dig deeper into the past taking on the subjects of Nan Madol, the Aborigines, the Nazca and other remote locations. Pictures captured include suggested drawings of alien beings, spacemen, and robots. The images themselves captured range from small drawings to illustrations that stretch over masses of land.

“Evidence of the Gods” makes for a perfect visual companion to “lesser” intense reads that talk alot, but show us nothing. A reader can make the connections without explanation in the way the figures are drawn, the technology they suggest and the interpretation from a more primitive culture that didn’t have George Lucas to fill their minds with. The book acts as a intriguing pictorial tour designed to reinforce Erich von Daniken claims and theories.

New Page Books has given us a small compact read with over 224 glossy pages (150 photographs)(more color than not) with the purpose of adding to the mystery and intrigue over where we came from and from who! Controversy and proof is really only a book shelf away with books such as these to fill in some of the gaps. Whether you consider Erich von Daniken controversial or not, you have to at least confirm the potential of what the evidence presents on its own. Truly a break thru gallery for fans of UFOs and culture, you’ll want to add this one right away.

Book Review: Evidence of the Gods: A Visual Tour of Alien Influence in the Ancient World – Author Erich von Daniken and Christian von Arnim

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  1. Please note that Christian von Arnim is the translator,but not the co-author, of this book. Please revise your headline.


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