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Book Review: Financial Sorcery – Author Jason Miller

Financial Sorcery – Author Jason Miller
Magical Strategies to Create Real and Lasting Wealth

When I had heard that a new book was to be released with the title of “Financial Sorcery”, I was more than intrigued. The book proposed to answer a few questions I had on my mind for many years. One of which is…. if witches and magicians claim to be able to invoke spells and potions that work on individuals or issues (for that matter), why aren’t they all walking around rich? I mean, wouldn’t it seem that in a chaotic economy such as the one we are facing now, that old lore and handed down magic would provide the perfect source of financial freedom? This aspect and many others associated with this notion held firm in my mind for many years. In fact I own quite a few sorcery books that I’ve always wondered if they “might” invoke some kind of overnight riches, if applied properly (hence following the work and practices that they take one thru).

Author Jason Miller, is no stranger to this idea and spends quite a few pages aligning his thoughts to this same puzzle. Better yet, as a practiced magician he claims that it “is” possible with the right guidance. Could it be that this inconspicuous new age book provides the solutions to all our problems (give or take of course).

Beyond fascinating, this book talks to you like you should be talked to…as a newcomer. It advises a strategy for ramping up your efforts and then incorporating the magic of ages into your life. Certainly a few of us unemployed have an hour or 2 to spare a day to give it a shot. Of course we’re not talking about killing cats and calling upon the legions of the underworld, just simple advice and steps to bringing the karma of fortune into your life.

Jason simply begins with the practice of “proper” meditation to prepare you for more involved steps. He even sympathizes on “why” many fail to meditate properly..offering a way to approach this issue. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the process, then its off to understanding the practice of altars, beings, gods, and spirits. After all it’s not like in the movies…(you say chant and a genie appears). The book is not over winded keeping to the essentials rather than bulky pages of spiritual awakenings and such.

It does head into the areas of appeasing the spirits thru small offerings and daily routines which are said to build a stronger union among you and those who you ask of. Though any book on financial wealth is not complete without real world advice to go along with it. I believe that this addition is as helpful as anything whether you take it further into new age practices or not. Included within the book’s pages are all sorts of helpful tips on how you should deal with money, what not to do, how to change your perspective of expenses, and just really good practical advice.

Much of is nothing new per se, as you will get these tips from financial advisor books as well…however, I truly believe that you can never hear it enough in your financial growth and understanding. Miller weaves magic among advice on taxes, job seeking, and investing. It’s a fresh way of presenting the info to spiritualists and to the brunt of us money spenders.

A unique book that arrives just in time for a few of us to embrace some new ideas. Maybe the aspect of “The Secret” turned out to be total hogwash (wish for it and it will come…). Maybe the seed was there but uneventful due to the extra mile a magic practitioner needs to take. Don’t know where to turn, what books to get started with? Miller also provides just enough info on additional sources to bring it all home. An excellent book from the folks at New Page Books. Hey if you feel a little weird about employing some aspects of Wiccan, then it’s still a good resource for curiosity reading. What do I advise? Keep this one handy and refer to it more than once for both spiritual awakening AND common sense financial advice.

Book Review: Financial Sorcery – Author Jason Miller
Magical Strategies to Create Real and Lasting Wealth

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