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Book Review: The Secret History of the Reptilians – Author Scott Alan Roberts

It’s not often that you see many books on the subject of reptilians. While the subject is quite fascinating, it also is one that many don’t take very seriously. I suppose the years of science fiction films have been a buffer that quickly dismisses this possibility as something Kirk might do battle with.

However there are a few authors and speakers who have done the research to bring to us a little closer to the potential of this oddity. Author Scott Alan Roberts is one such author who dazzles with talks of nephilim (angels in our past). You would think that he is exhausted by now to take on another strange subject that falls from the same basket. These reptilians entities litter youtube with fake edited projects that could be super-imposed by any editor with a few savvy skills behind him. Yet beyond the mock-ups and talks of government elites who are reptiles in disguise is a long historical path of our past that points to the “possibility” of such a bloodline. One that may have worked its way up into the 21st century.

Roberts takes this subject on with insight, skillful writing, and an awareness (that there are more non believers than believers )”especially” in our busy Christian culture. Yet if you look beneath the shadows of reports and testimonies, there are many who claim it to be truth, a scary truth that they fear their very lives from. Jesse Ventura attempted to take this subject on, Icke has been paying his bills for years with his presentations, so at the end of the day let’s see where this all leads?

One of the things that I first noticed was that it seemed like most of the book’s beginnings were still rooted in his previous book detailing the “nephilim”. I realized that I was at about page 70 and had not gotten any closer to the facts in regards to the reptilians. So I was disappointed that I had to read much of what his previous book already detailed.

As this progressed, it was apparent that what little info out there was still removed from any real proof or evidence. Though much is discussed in regards to the cultural and historical mentions of reptilian potentials. Roberts continues with archaeological and religious questioning that challenges the belief system of faith and our ancestors. This approach is rather wordy and tends to churn on into oblivion (which comes with the recommendation that you should get plenty rest before taking on chapters).

The earliest association of lizard-skinned cretins seem to arise from the simple tale of Adam and Eve that some suggest is referring to not only to a snake, but to a talking upright reptile. In review it is a fascinating take on this old tale, but as we have come to know, the Bible often uses metaphors and parables to drive its intentions. It was clear that I would have to skip ahead if I was going to really get into what I was looking for.

The Secret History of the Reptilians” in review, while taking on this obscure subject matter, seems to serve more as a narration than a reference book to proven theories. Many times, the author himself even questions much of this data which perhaps might be too premature to peak conspiracy theorists curiosities. In fact, an entire chapter is almost spent devoted to the discrediting of David Icke, who is eloquently suggested as a charlatan of sorts collecting the riches off of “would-be believers. The section is actually quite humorous if you have a chance to indulge.

As mentioned prior, this book really makes no attempts at any real evidence that these reptilian exists. The author asks more questions than answering them to simply take us thru a historical account of how the serpent has been prominent in cultures and associations. Readers take note that you wont really walk away with alot of realization here other than the curiosities of a well versed author.

The Secret History of the Reptilians: The Pervasive Presence of the Serpent in Human History, Religion and Alien Mythos
Author Scott Alan Roberts

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