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Book Review: Twilight of the Gods – Author Erich von Daniken

Author Erich von Daniken is one special writer. He takes the time to look into subjects and legends that many will dismiss by default, by religion or by just an ignorance of understanding. It’s books like his, that do not rest on its laurels so that it brings us one step closer to understanding the “big picture”. In essence,where and why we came to be. At great risk, these discoveries also present a threat to the religions of the world? Why? because simply the proven existence of other beings, occupants or visitors from far away knock over the stack of cards that religion has built its foundation on. It runs somewhere in line with the proving of the missing link and how that would destroy the religious dogma that we’ve been fed over the years. I as a reviewer am open to all the possibilities presented before me. Meaning, I don’t easily dismiss religion as nonsense as others might do and also don’t dismiss the importance of research if it comes from the science of truth. This brings us to “Twilight of the Gods” A study of culture, science and facts that introduce us to a few new things to think about.

Erich von Daniken has written quite alot of publications over the years. This edition like some of his earlier works revisits the idea that aliens and other life forms existed pre Jesus, pre-caveman and also had a hand in influencing the growth of civilization into what it is today. Not only does Damien state his researched facts, but he has provided countless photos from the ruins that question the nature of such magnificent structures and stone carved impossibilities. As he states many times, either these were the works of giants or some kind of technology that could carve, engineer and manipulate solid rock to a degree that is not only amazing but mind boggling. These ruins and Mayan stone carvings with their mathematics predictions, and calendar calculations have been the very subject matter of the 2012 concern. Really Daniken just asks the simple question,… will we be revisited by these outsiders and beings that came so long ago? If we take the engravings literal, that would be just around the corner here.

Daniken takes another stab at something that has been on his mind for quite some time. These images that are portrayed within the carvings…..we assume some sort of metaphorical association…however Erich von Daniken tends to think that the former beings actually manipulated DNA and produced hybrids that we currently only associate with mythological beast and folklore.

Again the question that is backed by his intense research comes in the way of ……what if?

And then to  top it all off, what about the religious matters that have made every effort to clean the tracks of past generations, to hide the bones, to encase the tombs…what is it that they didn’t want us to see? And then we get to the root of it all… Are “they” coming back? And is it the date the Mayans mathematically predicted as Dec 23, 2012. Folks, the answer will arrive soon enough.

It’s a intriguing study to say the least. One that should be indulged rather than dismissed and perhaps temp you to keep an open mind into what may have come to pass. In summary it asks questions about the meaning of life. It’s answers arrive on the heels of potentials that came way before our age. It also revisits that powerful notion that the universe is a complex organization that we are all a part of. Fascinating stuff to say the least.

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