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HANNIBAL Gets Cannibalized By The Network

If you notice a strange jump in the storyline for HANNIBAL, currently airing on NBC, it’s because the network decided to not air the fourth installment of the series citing sensitivity issues. Seriously? WTF?

Reportedly the episode titled “Ceuf” centered around a story arc with kids killing kids and the decision was made that apparently we as a nation can not stomach such things. So, they decided instead to severely edit the episode and post it as a series of webisodes.

When all is said and done we end up only actually seeing about half of the episode, once all the “objectionable” content gets sliced out, that my friends is what is wrong with horror on “network” TV. Give me Showtime of HBO any day of the week.

If you’re interested in watching the hacked up episode, you can click on the links below and see what the network says is OK for you to watch.

Ceuf Part 1 – Hannibal Web Series

Ceuf Part 2 – Hannibal Web Series
Ceuf Part 3 – Hannibal Web Series
Ceuf Part 4 – Hannibal Web Series
Ceuf Part 5 – Hannibal Web Series
Ceuf Part 6 – Hannibal Web Series

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  1. While I am not a fan of the blatant censorship, I am not surprised given how Network television is formatted and executed. It is ultimately a sponsor driven beast and networks have to walk that fine line between art and commerce. NBC seems to have made a decision that is sensitive to not only their sponsors but to their audiences as well.

    Given this, I am still amazed (and delighted) with the series thus far. NBC has allowed Hannibal to be quite horrific and graphic while it continues to be character driven. It’s a unique and fascinating balance. This week’s episode where Jack Crawford realizes what his wife is up to during a routine interview was brilliant and emotional in all aspects: script, acting and direction.

    I’m not yet ready to pounce on NBC for their handling of Hannibal – and the episode in question – just yet. They’re in a difficult spot existing between commerce, wide-range-audience expectations and the true-life horrors of modern society (and its effects on entertainment). They have to accept a certain level of responsibility with their own programming and react accordingly, and that I can respect.


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