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Take It to the Grave (2017)


A timid college waitress embarks on a night of wild partying with a charming restaurant patron and his misfit group of four friends. The seemingly innocent night of drunken, lewd and stupid behavior yields unimaginably tragic results. A horrific accident forever changes their six lives as a deadly secret is born, one they all agree to “take to the grave”…all except one. Three years later, the friends unite to celebrate in drunken debauchery once again…this time it’s the ultimate bachelor party. Everyone seems to have moved on since that fateful night three years ago. But have they? Someone has revenge on their mind…and they will stop at nothing until they expose the truth and even the score. It’s a bachelor party gone awry as karma is tested and proven once again to catch up with you when you least expect it. Do unto others as they’ve done unto you. This is a twisted tale of justice and revenge. Though revenge may be sweet, the consequences are always bitter

One comment

  1. Robin McDuffie

    Original title “I know what you did 3 years ago”


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