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Top 25 Coolest Unique Horror Movie Characters – Part 2

Thought I forgot about you , eh? Well have no fear, as we finish up our study,report on the “Top 25 Coolest Unique Horror Movie Characters” Part II Hey! – missed the first part of this article? Then make sure to click of to Part 1 of “Top 25 Coolest Unique Horror Movie Characters”

13- “This Island Earth” – Metaluna Mutant

This choice came more from its iconic image than anything. I’ve been seeing this character in horror and science books since I first learned about TV (hence its 1955 release before I was born). It took me longer to learn it had an “actual” character name, however it shouldn’t be as a surprise that this creature-alien-mutant thing (featured in eye-popping color!!) was a choice for this list. The “Metaluna Mutant” tends to keep that age old affinity with Star Trek style characters.

14- “Predator” – The Predators (Yautja)

Also referred to as the Yautja. Predator is one for the books. Who can forget that rastafarian looking soldier creature from outer space. The pairing up of Aliens vs Predator was one combo that made sense. I’d love to see more of this character though I will confess to loving the 2010 “Predators” release as well. An original creature concept that seems partially borrowed or borrowed “from” (for that matter) that serves as its own iconic entry.

15- “Starship Troopers” – Arachnid Warriors

While there were a few different creatures from this franchise, those Arachnids were deadly enough on their own accord. I do have to say for being such a campy franchise, that those Arachnid sure did know how to fill the screen with massive carnage and bloodshed. was I the only one who noticed the first film seemed to have a higher body count than any of the Romero films? The Arachnids are a perfect example of our fear of lethal alien bug monsters descending upon us to rip heads and tear up anything in their path.

16- “Pan’s Labyrinth” – Blind Monster / Pale Man

Although the appearance of this creature was short lived and left to a single film, I thought it was simply cool enough to deserve a mention on this list. Of course many might argue that they prefer the “faun” character, but in the sense of original cool characters to emerge my vote goes to the “Pale Man” who see per way of his hands held up to his face. definitely creepy and a highlight spot to the film.

17- “Wishmaster” – Djinn

C’mon now…Macfarlane toys even created a model after him. The franchise went on to 4 films (I believe). I loved the concept of this evil Djinn (genie) character. And yet somehow he seemed to mirror the powers of other horror icons (like Krueger for instance) The design on this one was original and memorable placing him among the top 25. We’ll never think of Aladdin’s genie quite the same, eh?

18- “Resident Evil Afterlife” – Axeman Executioner

One very cool villain that Alice had to take on in her Resident Evil universe. Axeman Executioner bears similarities to the Silent Hill Pyramid Head with the big exception of ..well, being really big, however I just thought it was a cool character that deserves a spot. In the sequel to this she even has to battle 2 of them……badass!

19- “The Incredible Hulk” – Abomination

CGI, for sure but pretty damn cool looking to boot. This particular Hulk film was my favorite, mostly because we got to see Edward Norton as a Marvel character. The “Abomination” was a formidable foe that takes a nod from Mr. Hyde in ” The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen“. Maybe its my comic book era days, but I love to see massive muscular organic incorrect creatures emerging from a situation gone wrong. I’m sure folks could throw in a few more similarities this creature pulls from, but non-the-less….coolness.

20- “Slither” – Infected parasite creature

Another character which some might say borrows a bit from the “From Beyond” monster however still cool and originally constructed to take a spot on its own. An alien parasite crashes to Earth and from it “evenually” emerges this giant thing constructed from the infected. In any case, the picture speaks for itself…… nice work!

21- “Jeepers Creepers” – The Creeper

This one was a must have for me. The Jeepers Creepers character, an immortal demon known affectionately as “The Creeper” was the center of this original film by the name of  “Jeepers Creepers”. While the sequel fell off the wagon a bit as far as viewer interest, I always believed that “The Creeper” had more to give tot he horror genre. Of course we all await that 3rd sequel that never seems to come to fruition…but I stay hopeful. “the Creeper” was unique ion that it seemed to evolve as the film progressed into the final flying demon form it became.

22- “13 Ghosts” – The Jackal

Crap, you mean I have to choose just one?
I almost want to mention the “entire ensemble” on this one however my favorite creature (vengeful spirit for purists) and certainly the most menacing of the vengeful spirits was “The Jackal” which was actually the ghost of Ryan Kuhn. Ryan was in fact a man, though I wasn’t sure when I first saw this ghost. You might even say it took a lead from “the Exorcist” makeup (if only slightly). The other 12 certainly offered memorable characters which could fill this list quite easily, but for a single pick I’m going with “the Jackal”

23- “Blade II” – Reapers

Ok, Blade was a franchise that took on the vampire legacy combining coolness with a comic book style approach. Though it was the sequel “Blade II”, that introduced these lethal hybrid vampire things called “reapers” taken from the “reaper virus”. The creatures were described as containing “three-way jaws, leech-like suckers and hearts encased in a thick layer of bone”. Now astute viewers will recognize that this approach was incorporated in some of the later “Resident Evil” creatures who also featured a jaw opening transformation. Hey if you want to technical, you could point to the villain from “Ichi the Killer” whose jaw lines had to be pinned to keep it from opening.

24- “Tokyo Gore Police” – Alligator Girl

Now, this film featured SO many oddities that one might be hard pressed to single out one over the other. My pick though for first choice has to go to the “Alligator girl” who features a jaw opening torso. In all fairness, there are many Asian characters in these Tokyo gore style films that I’ve always considered original and inventive. For now lets give props to at least one.

25- “The Gravedancers” – Smile creature |  Mr. Sardonicus | “Buffy Vampire TV Series” – The Gentlemen

Sorry this one really had to be a tie for me, as the smiling creature from “The Gravedancers” was pretty effective as a “jarring” cretin to behold…however, there can’t be any argument that 1961’s Mr.Sardonicus is equally as jarring. The argument would be that “Mr.Sardonicus” is not a creature, but a man….so in that case I’ll have to defer as well to “The Gentlemen” from the Buffy the Vampire series…however “Buffy” is a TV series, not a movie……ah, the complications we weave!!!!!

Top 25 Coolest Unique Horror Movie Characters – Part 2

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