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Interview: Brad and Sherry Steiger talk about ‘Conspiracies and Secret Societies’

Unexplained Confidential presents:
Exclusive HorrorNews.net Interview w/ Brad and Sherry Steiger
Book: Conspiracies and Secret Societies

Conspiracies and Secret Societies have become common place in American history. Do you think in 2012, our Government now hides more or less from “we the people” than it has in the past?

It is now more difficult than ever to discern the cover-ups and the disinformation from the chatter on the Internet. There are thousands of conspiracy sites, and now anyone can post his own favorite fear and loathing on the Internet. Ever since Viet Nam and the Cold War, more Americans than ever before have come to distrust their government. When it was discovered that the Gulf of Tonkin incident that got us into an unpopular war that divided our nation was a fictional event, millions now disregard any proclamation from the government as propaganda or an outright lie. While there may at one time have been storage facilities for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the nation later found that it had been sucked into another unpopular and unnecessary war by its government.

Do you think history will just keep repeating itself with our Government always feeling the need to cover up it’s dirty little secrets, or will our children live to see a time of truth in Government?

That depends upon our children demanding a responsible form of government that does not tolerate lying to “we the people.” It seems likely that a third party is in the birth throes of development.

Who is responsible for most of these lies and cover-ups, The President, The FBI, The CIA, or perhaps a secret society we know nothing about?

We would have to check all of the above, plus a few that are such deep black ops that none of the official branches and agencies know fully what is going on.

Do you have a favorite topic of interest from Conspiracies and Secret Societies – maybe something you keep going to back
to and can’t seem to get enough knowledge on the subject?

Although we have a great deal of information about the following conspiracies in the book, we would very much like to learn much more about:  HAARP The electronic spying, surveillance, and the tracking of our private citizens regarding their every move on the Internet, Facebook, cell phones, purchases made in retail stores, etc. Germ and biological warfare Our government’s secret experiments on its citizens.

After decades of countless UFO reports, why do most people still consider the possibility of extraterrestrials nothing more than science fiction?

Quite likely because in spite of numerous claims, there is still no hardcore physical proof, no crashed space vehicles, no evidence of abductions and the alleged insertion of implants in abductees. From the beginning of modern UFO reports, many of the sightings have now been proven to be the military’s top- secret aircraft.

While physical proof may be lacking, we believe that the phenomenon is very real and witnessed by hundreds of thousands of individuals throughout the globe. We have presented many theories as to what the enigma may be in our Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from Other Worlds. We are convinced that the science of the future may better understand the underlying factors in what may be possible physical multidimensional events or examples of the individual mystical experience.

What kind of event would have to take place from something to go from conspiracy theory to conspiracy reality?

The discoveries by persistent researchers that such events that were once dismissed as conspiracy theories and paranoia actually occurred, such as, among many, many others:

The Department of Defense using hundreds of thousands of military personnel and unknowing private citizens in experiments with mustard and nerve gas, ionizing radiation, and hallucinogenic drugs. The 200 black men who were diagnosed with syphilis in the 1932 Tuskegee Study and who were never told of their illness and who continued to be used as human guinea pigs.

The CIA’s insidious top-secret MK-ULTRA conducting ghastly brainwashing and mind-altering drug experiments that may have produced the perfect assassins, as well as the Unabomber.

In compiling information for the book, did you ever stumble across anything that surprised you?

The advancement of such instrumentation as HAARP, which may be able to control and to manipulate the weather to cause such horrible disasters as Katrina in New Orleans, the Indonesian tsunami, and the 9.0 earthquake in Japan which set off the Fukishima disaster.

What would you consider the biggest Government cover-up of all time?

Although the jury is still out in proving many alleged cover-ups, we feel the silence about the secret experiments conducted on private citizens is perhaps the most heinous. As recently as September 30, 2010, Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton and Human Health Services Kathleen Siebelius apologized to the Government of Guatemala for “clearly unethical” experiments conducted in 1946 to 1948 in which American public health doctors infected nearly 700 prison inmates and soldiers with venereal disease.

Perhaps one of the most successful of the U.S. Government’s cover-ups was Operation Paperclip. Immediately after the close of World War II, as many as 1,600 Nazi scientists and their dependents were smuggled out of Germany to the United States to begin work to jump-start the space program. Operation Paperclip was not made public until 1973 after the first astronauts set foot on the moon.

What’s new in the world of Brad & Sherry Steiger?

In October, Visible Ink will release the Second Edition of Brad’s popular Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places. Brad and Sherry are busy working on their next book for Visible Ink, Real Encounters, Different Dimensions, and Otherworldly Beings.


Unexplained Confidential: Brad and Sherry Steiger talk about ‘Conspiracies and Secret Societies’

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