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Interview: Lucky McKee (The Woman, May, The Woods)

You seem to use Angela Bettis in your work quite often. Any particular reason why?

(LM)Ummmmm…You seen what she can do, right? She’s my cinematic soul sister.

When can we find a copy of All Cheerleaders Die?

(LM)Chris Sivertson (The Lost, I Know Who Killed Me) and I are just waiting for a time to put it out ourselves. Time just hasn’t felt right yet. It’s aging like wine, though. Pretty fricken’ hilarious and a really cool treasure to go back and watch how we helped teach ourselves to make a movie.

What would you say is your favorite ‘behind the scene’ moment in one of your projects?

(LM)Every movie has it’s special moments. But I remember the first days of directing All Cheerleaders Die, our little backyard zombie movie, I felt like I was ten foot tall and bulletproof. I know I was doing what I was born to do, and I felt that awesome three year old child invincible joy. Been hooked ever since. I feel most alive when standing in the middle of a great collection of artists all focused on making one particular thing happen and actually giving a sh*t about it.

I understand you had friends from school contributing to the making of May and they have all become pretty successful. Do you plan on working with them again in the future?

(LM)The friends I made at school will always be working with me in some way. We aren’t competitive. We know we are all unique and just encourage and help each other in any way we can. I’m very fortunate to have grown up with so many geniuses. They lift me up and make me a better person and filmmaker.

What was the inspiration behind MAY? Obviously there’s a little Frankenstein in there but I am sure other ideas were contributed right?

(LM)Just something that popped into my head one day. Once my brain gets a hold of an image or a concept, it either grows up to be a giant tree, or eventually gets Round Up sprayed on it and removed. MAY became a giant oak.

I think I read before that MAY was inspired by what you were going through at the time. Would you care to elaborate? I sensed a lot of loneliness in your work. I have often felt all alone, I guess we can smell our own?

(LM)One of the few things any of us can count on in life is that at some point or another we will be alone. No one is allowed inside our hearts and minds no matter how much we try to put it into words. It gets lonely in there. It’s not that I don’t believe in love, I really really do…but everyone is ultimately alone, even in a crowded room.

How was your experience working on MASTERS OF HORROR: SICK GIRL?

(LM)A total blast. Seriously the smoothest experience I have ever had with a shoot and final product. And such an honor to be the kid amongst all these fellas that inspired me to be what I am.

Why is it that you only direct films with female leads?

(LM)I dig chicks. (grins)

What is the worst horror film you’ve ever seen?

(LM)I can’t really say. I might hurt someone’s feelings. And even films that I think are sh*t one day, can come back to me years later, when I am a different person and strike me in a completely different way. I truly believe that time makes any film better, like wine. The are little time travel pods those movie thangs.

So I know thanks to Fangoria the cat is out of the bag about OFFSPRING: THE WOMAN based off of Jack Ketchum’s novel. What can you tell me about this film that is different from your previous projects?

(LM)It’s really aggressive. Most of my movies are (intentionally) slow burns. I’m picking up the pace with this one and really pushing myself to make this the beginning of the next phase of my career. It’s almost like starting all over again in a way…or being reborn…with all this knowledge. I’m hoping for it to have an energy that assaults senses, so people forget they are in a movie theater…looking into the screen as opposed to at it…

If you had a chance to work with any actress/actor in the business who would you enjoy the most?

(LM)Gena Rowlands. Without a doubt.

There are so many talented directors out there. Who would you say inspires you? Which directors films do you enjoy the most and why?

(LM)My peers inspire me more than anyone. Rian Johnson, Chris Sivertson, Jaye Barnes-Luckett, Kevin Ford, Angie, Zach Passero, and on and on and on.

As a fan I have to say I am VERY excited to see your next film. MAY really is one of the best films of all time. I do not care what anyone else has to say. You’re very talented. I also think Angela is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

(LM)Glad I can be of service. And Angie is definitely one of the finest humans built. Thanks for the kind words. You make me blush. Cheers to you and thanks for that chat. Lucko out.

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