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Midnight Horror Collection: Deadly Games

Deadly Games, in the tradition of the 4 packs from Echo Bridge comes this pretty pack of 6. “Closets” is a new addition to their sets, though the prize here is “Darkness” starring Anna Paquin. “Darkness” is actually one of my favorites as a stand alone. If definitely has a dark brooding premise without any Hollywood endings. You can check out our review of “Dead of Night”, or look for upcoming reviews on “Memory” and “Prophet’s Game”

This set adds to the ongoing “Midnight Horror Collection


Jonas Littleton is on a desperate search to recover his family from a supernatural being.

When Dr. Taylor Briggs is exposed to a mysterious drug while lecturing in Brazil, he is forced to relive the dark, twisted memories of a killer whose work may not be over.

Not long after Regina begins living in her family’s remote country estate, she learns that there’s something horribly disturbing about the old place.

In this chilling thriller of the supernatural, fashion designer Joanna desperately tries to survive a string of bizarre attacks on her life.

A serial killer lures a retired detective (Dennis Hopper) into playing his infamous game of wits and death.

Teri Hatcher and Louis Gossett, Jr. star in this high-stakes supernatural thriller about a man whose special psychic gift is both a blessing and a curse.

Not Rated – Adult Situations, Violence, Profanity, Brief Drug Use; Rated R; Rated PG-13; Not Rated – Adult Situations, Violence; Rated R; Rated R

Echo Bridge info page on The Midnight Horror Collection: Deadly Games

The Midnight Horror Collection: Deadly Games

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