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Book Review: Filming the Undead – Author Rod Durick

“Filming the Undead” is a new release written by Rod Durrick that arrives just in time to fuel the fascination with walking dead-themed films. Rod has divulged his most secretive information on all things zombies in the respect of teaching others on how to create a low budget movie. This well laid out book features a ton of photos, illustrations and fancy design work making it a very cool book to own.

Though the purpose here is not to educate on Zombies themselves, but the art of filmmaking and “using” zombies in your theme. The zombies set the stage for a smattering of useful guerrilla film making tips. The book of course taking into account that most who pick this up are “of” the beg, borrow, and steal club who have to make due with what they have. Rod talks you thru the art of securing spots, looking for talent and getting all those special blood squibs effects to work on a micro level.

What makes the release so compelling is the use of photos to back up the instructions. “Filming the Undead” is not only a great zombie filmmaker book but a great filmmaking book in general. With the advent of affordable cameras on the market this is the kind of know-how you’ll need to get your first feature film going.

As he points out, the most important element being a great script or idea. Certainly a bit of planning and organization will get your horror movie project off the ground. The FX work in here adds a nice depth to the realization of zombie characters, and it gives you a few chapters with step by step breakdowns. Famous films are of course referenced but as it states, you might want to rethink your script if you don’t have a full sized bus to toss around like the big boys. It’s all taken under consideration as Durrick breaks each important portion of the film process into chapter by chapter.

I immediately noticed the “Buffalo Film Area” inclusions which are nice to finally see in a filmmakers book. This book further takes into account what some of us have known for awhile. That those Buffalonians take their filmmaking serious and continue to churn our a nice helping of products. I have to give a special shout out to one of our writers Michael O’Hear who appears in the book a few times.

Your probably wondering about audio, about location scouting, about the audition process or even the food service routine. If you’ve tired of books that mention but don’t illustrate then “Filming the
Undead” is just the right reference book for your next project. I’ve witnessed alot of this content first hand, and I can say its right on the money. So get your orders in “before” you start your mega opus so that you can learn from the pros who have drudged thru the process and come out winners. A cool product that is as fun to look at as it is to read.

“Filming the Undead” is availabel from the Barrons Educational seirues of books

Filming the Undead – Author Rod Durick

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