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Film Review: Ghouls Gone Wild (2008)


Sink your teeth into this ten pack of ghouls gone wild. Starring ten of the hottest playboy models gone goth. Vivacious mortals transform themselves into sultry vixens of the night.


With a title called Ghouls Gone Wild, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Phantoms, vampires and zombies pulling there tops up? Witches and Were-women posing for a booty shot?


Ghouls Gone Wild is a fun celebration of skin and seductiveness. As each feature girl is presented, she is given an opportunity to combine eerie with sexual in a expose of sultry poses, close ups and camera loving. Take this idea and mix it with a flurry of transitions, Halloween type shots and dismal collages of creepiness and you have your project at hand. What is noticeably a plus to this showcase is the great use of lighting and perspective positioning to create drama and mood in the poses. This is further revealed in the behind the scenes documentaries that shows the settings and work that went into this.



Each video chapter showcases different experiments in seductive horror. Plenty of full nudity from some of the hottest ladies around, who play into the camera, snarl, twist, crawl and pose with slow reveals, dark lit shadowing and plenty of mood dramatics. Our lineup consists of Rebecca, Tina, Laura, Tracy, Amy, Tamara, Reenie, Amy, Lori and Vanessa. Each there own titillating erotic horror vixen and lady of the night. To further the experiences, each showcase features movie clips, toning, B & Whites, Sepias, and variety of coloring treatments to keep the scenes interesting. Elements like fire, rain, shadows castings, corpses, crosses, and a whole slew of horror items have the girls playing there best while they undress, lick, rub and expose to the delight of any horror fan boy.

The films is primarily a visual collage with several slow moving aesthetics shot professionally and tastefully. Wet girls, mood lighting, choice cuts, bleach bypassing and several dolly shots make for a higher level of production than just a static point and shoot. If that doesn’t grab you, you still have to appreciate the level of editing work that went into this project. One thing that came to mind when watching this was you’ve got several beautiful girls who each are asked to seduce the camera. While the idea is interesting and a site to see, the challenge comes in the form of how to differentiate the segments to each stand on there own. Then add the additional complexity of making there segments equally interesting enough to not get redundant. This is where the production soars and offers something more compelling than just another Playboy video shoot.


The greatest treat though is hands down the lovely selection of ladies who agreed to perform for a horror theme orientated video showcase of beauty and body.

While each girl is unique in there presentation, each is equally alluring with variations of the vampire and ghoul themes. Some prefer the gentle rain and moisture while others drench themselves in glasses of blood with the ferocity of Bathory and the elegance of Monroe. We even get the benefit of a couple of pseudo commercials and double ups……….. hey it’s a win win for all!


The film features original music by Saint while directed by Philip Adrian Booth. Editing work is composed by the team of Christopher Saint Booth, Philip Adrian Booth and Jessica Lynn Morris.


Each sequence is composed for maximum dramatic effect. Grainy footage mixed with clean with compositional pieces and multitudes of perspective framing each toned slightly different than the last. What keeps it interesting is the mix of scenarios the blend is enhanced with thoughtful sequences that accent the ladies perfectly. I should point out this is no “girls gone wild” kind of piece, the productions quality is much higher with a sense of class combined with horror as much as you can phantom that idea.


The intent of this project is very clear and provides just what you signed up for. If this all sounds like a great way to spend an evening then by all means pick up a copy and support the filmmakers and talent involved.

Ghouls Gone Wild (2008)

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