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Tim Burton Working On Nightmare Before Christmas 2?

So rumor has it that Mr. Burton has been secretly working on a sequel to his infamous dark Christmas flick, Nightmare Before Christmas. And Paul Reubens aka Pee Wee Herman, has let the cat out of the bag that these rumors may actually be true. Reubens worked with Burton twice on Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and the first Nightmare Before Christmas and was asked if he would work with Burton again, and although he would love the opportunity, but due to Burton’s busy schedule it would probably be very unlikely for it to happen. This is where the idea of NBC 2 came up and Dark Shadows.

According to Tim Burton Productions executive Derek Frey on the matter of whether or not there will be a sequel, Frey says there’s “no truth to the rumor.” Darn, oh well! But at least Dark Shadows will be well under way when it begins filming in April. So that’s some good insight.


  1. If Tim Burton doesn’t do it, there’s always the possibility of The Asylum doing a copycat (hint hint).

  2. They already did! For a video-game, The Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie’s Revenge.

  3. they have to do it i think it would be totally awesome one of my favorite movies of all time

  4. Please hurry and make this Nightmare Before Chrismas 2, When will it be in theaters if you do make. Please reply

  5. thenightmareb4xmas#1fan

    The nightmare before christmas is the best movie ever and i vote my favorite dirrctor should make a second one

  6. i doubt he will make a sequel. if u read the movies iki page and go to legacy its says how he will probly never mke a sequel to keep the movies purity

    • chrisjedirage

      Yet he has made a Batman sequel to his original Batman movie titled “Batman Returns” and is making a Beetlejuice sequel.

  7. Hi yes I’m Tyrone Guerrero and my wife Salina Guerrero we ask please make a second movie of Nightmare before Christmas we beg you

  8. It would be smart to make a 2nd one . Just think all the money it would make . I bet if he did make a 2nd one it will be thr bes5 seller and make the must money this whole year …

  9. I think we can all agree that this needs to be done. The Nightmare Before Christmas needs a second movie. Fans all agree. Love a very faithful Tim Burton’s fan

  10. Tuesdae Anderson

    Yes please make a second one it could be about Sally and Jack’s life together or something like that


  12. Out of all the Tim Burton movies, Nightmare before christmas is my absolute favorite. It is also my favorite movie of all time. I can honestly say that if you are a true fan of the nightmare before christmas, than typy will never ever want him to make a second one. I know very well he could do it and it would be great, but it being my favorite since I was a child and seeing all these fake fans drives me nuts. Nightmare is Tims heart. That one is sacred to him. It will forever be his legacy. There is no need for a second one or recreation because nightmare is and will be timeless.


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