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TV Review: Dexter (TV Series) (Season 3) (2008)

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Good-natured forensics specialist Dexter Morgan (Emmy nominee Michael C. Hall) continues his secret moonlighting activities as a serial murderer in the third season of the popular Showtime drama that twists the fine line between good and evil. Devoted to capturing the bad guys, Dexter stalks the Miami streets at night to make sure the ones who got away pay the ultimate price. Meanwhile, he lives an ordinary life with girlfriend Rita Bennett (Julie Benz).


So as they say proof is in the pudding. As we close our 3rd season of Dexter the public fascination with all things corrupt..and namely serial killers isn’t far from the agenda for night time entertainment. Of course if you’ve followed previous season we know that Dexter is the ultimate killer of killers which places him morally in a gray area that while is unacceptable may entertain the notion of looking the other way to let him get on with it in the meantime. Yep Dexter Morgan…is indeed likeable in the same way we are drawn to horror icons over the years. Dexter of course is our modern day warrior straight out of a Rush song. The fact is, this is pretty well written series and because of that is able to stand on its own pool of talent. Yes, the people have a good reason to join Showtime with this one.

Dexter (Michael C. Hall) is now at war with his feelings about Harry’s methods and recommendations (Harry Morgan) which puts him at a moral dilemma himself. Other inclusions come in the way of best friend Miquel Prado (Jimmy Smits) whom Dexter has parternered with. Though Dexter’s nature of being standoffish and recluse tends to weigh heavily as he attempts to open up to new relationships. A legal displacement also taints his perspective on the matter.

Dexter finds himself quite well in his skin, with a happy life, satisfied work environment as a Miami Metro Police Department forensic scientist, and of course his tendency to act out his more devious intentions. This pretty much rounds him out for a contently tconfused individual. To summarize off a season full of story plots, we have a new serial killer on the loose who is calling himself “the Skinner”, Rita (Julie Benz) claims she is pregnant. Dexter’s sister Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) begins to really draw in closer on the relationship of Dexter and his killing habits.

Now faced with potential fatherhood, Dexter is faced with the coming of terms of doing the right thing, and his thoughts on raising a family. While the series is woven into complexities that stem the emotional gamut, Dexter also considers his new found friend Miquel as a potential successor. The problem is, is that Miquel seems to take to it rather easier than expected which has Dexter concerned. Smit is a standout actor who brings a certain intensity of his own to the mix who is fascinated with defense attorney (Anne Ramsay) and trying to deal with his temperamental brother Ramon.

Camilla Figg, a friend of Dexter and family asks him to end her suffering with bouts of lung cancer but only after hinting that she is somewhat aware of Dexter’s practice of killing. Debra also grows closer to her goal of becoming detective. A range of up and downs, confrontations, choices, and decisions contribute to this season’s general makeup. Season 3 which leaves behind previous success stories dealing with the Bay Harbor Butcher and the Ice Cream Truck killer begins on its own merit as a stand alone.

Toting a fabulous season to accompany the previous 2, this is one series that I believe will provide a high level of entertainment until it exhausts itself. The relationship of characters and interplay makes for a truly unique viewer experience that pulls you from episode to episode. Late comers can rest assured to climb aboard and pick up on new seasons direction pretty easily. Fans may want to spend a few weeks catching on episodes previous to bring yourself into the Dexter zone. In all this and several others of dark nature have truly raised the bar on quality TV especially for the unrelenting thirsty for dark dramas horror genre. Dexter is a winner …plain and simple.

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