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Film Review: Demon Hunter (2005)

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Hell-bent on populating the world with his evil progeny, a demon forces women to bear his children in this supernatural horror film. With nowhere else to turn and time running out, leaders from the Catholic Church have no recourse but to employ a half-human, half-demon named Asmodeus (Billy Drago). But are his powers strong enough to stop the full-blooded demon from turning the world into a living hell? Sean Patrick Flanery co-stars.


Demon Hunter started off fantastic! The priest Father Patrick was praying and spouting Latin over an obviously possessed girl who laid in bed convulsing. She looked haggard and drained from having her body taken over by evil. She jumps up in bed and starts talking nasty towards him then she grabs his face and starts to kiss him deeply. He loses his concentration and weakens into the kiss for a minute or two then remembers what his mission is supposed to be.

Once she realizes she has lost her hold over him she starts to throw him around like a rag doll. Jacob Raymond who works on these matters with the church sits downstairs as the girls mother lights candles and prays fervently to God for the removal of the demon from her daughter. Jacob can hear that things are not going so well upstairs so he goes up but it’s too late and the Father is laying on the floor dead and she is waiting for him.

After he deals with her he heads over to the church to talk with the Cardinal about this matter. He heads home taking a little slumber when in his dream his is met with a sexy demon with a satin blue dress and horns protruding thru her forehead. She slithers on top of him and is just about to unzip his pants when there’s a knock on the door. He is greeted by Sister Sarah Ryan who was sent along to help him deal with finding the next possessed girl.

You see the head demon is possessing and trying to impregnate each victim. The problem is each lady ends up dead before his offspring can be born. Some of them aren’t even strong enough to carry this things seed. After the first scene with that girl killing the priest it does tend to get a little goofy, but not a bad goofy. Like the demon in the blue dress sprouts wings out her back and fly’s away. Little things like that. I guess you could say it loses it intenseness.

Sister Sarah says she is willing to do whatever it takes to get this job done. But looking at her you highly doubt this. But there is something about her that just seems to be off a little. Jacob is used to doing what he has to to get the job done, whether it be ridding himself of an innocent witness or killing what has to be killed! The next girl to become possessed and impregnated is an attractive woman Nancy. We realize that the girls are picked by how easily they succumb to the demons charms.

Now it’s time for a full on fight with Nancy and the head demon himself. They enter a huge old house that is run down inside and filled with all types of people. There are vagrants and drug addicts littering the floors as well as people having sex and the demon and his little helper. Each room is filled with the seven deadly sins associated with the demon world. As Sarah and Jacob silently peek in the rooms looking for their fight Nancy comes at them with super demon strength!

Finally the Demon is here and throwing Jacob around like the man ain’t got no game! Is Jacob going to be able to kick this bad boys ass? Or will he become minced meat? He wakes up from being knocked unconscious to find out that sister Sarah is missing and the demon must of kidnapped her and taken he back to his tomb in the cemetery. God knows what he is doing to her since he is so evil and determined to have his own demon spawn born!

I wouldn’t put Demon Hunter on my all time favorites list but it wasn’t totally horrible. I think I expected something way different than what I got. It felt like some sort of twisted fairy tale with those creatures leathery looking wings popping out of her back.

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  1. the rooms arent all 7 deadly sins they just all show the same sin. each demon has 1 that it stands by. his was lust which is why there was sex going on in every room


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