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What is NASA Hiding? The Nasa Conspiracies

What is NASA Hiding? Heading to the bestseller lists with another eyebrow raising book, Nick Redfern is a notorious media darling and expert on unsolved mysteries, conspiracies and the paranormal. His new title, The NASA Conspiracies: The Truth Behind the Moon Landings, Censored Photos, and The Face on Mars opens the hidden door that NASA has keep closed for so many decades.

Established in 1958, NASA has led efforts to explore outer space, resulting in the Apollo missions to the moon, the Skylab space station, and today’s space shuttle. All the while, behind the open, friendly face of NASA is a dark and mysterious, ominous world, a world littered with

high-level cover-ups.

In his inimical, lively, riveting style, Redfern reveals, in some cases for the first time, the truth and the fiction of how NASA is linked to high-level cover-ups, including:

– Claims that the Apollo moon landings were faked in an effort to show military and

technological superiority over the former Soviet Union

– The agency’s role in hiding the truth about the controversial face on Mars, clearly a carved

structure created in the remote past by long-extinct, indigenous Martians

– NASA’s deep and long-standing involvement with the famous UFO crash at Roswell

– Deep Throat-like NASA sources that have attempted to blow the lid on NASA’s most

guarded secrets

– NASA’s secret knowledge of UFO visitations and the existence of alien life

– Allegations that NASA has a secret space program that runs alongside its publicly-visible

operations, and has access to technologies far in advance of the space shuttle and conventional


– The reported discovery by NASA of what appear to be intelligently-designed structures on

the surface of the Moon and Venus

– And much more of a cosmic and conspiratorial nature!


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