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Film Review: The Hitcher (2007)

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Hoping to fight boredom during a cross-country drive, two college students pick up a mysterious hitchhiker (Sean Bean), but are soon fighting for their lives when their passenger turns out to be a vicious serial killer in this remake of the classic creep-fest. Jim and Grace (Zachary Knighton and Sophia Bush) end up on the run from both the hitcher, who has vowed to kill them, and the police, who think Jim is the murderer.


When I saw that this movie was a remake of the 1986 thriller The Hitcher I had some really high hopes for it. I mean c’mon you remember the original with C. Thomas Howell and the ruthless Rutger Hauer right? That movie was a total wild ride that had you from hello! Now yeah it’s a remake, but not that good. It had it’s moments of fast action to make you jump but of course it was predictable and the only hot thing in it was the lovely Sophia Bush.

Jim and Grace are a young couple that are in a hot and heavy relationship. They are traveling from college back to her hometown for spring break to see how many of her friends like him. You know the whole bring your boyfriend around your buds to see how they’ll rate him. So basically you cross your fingers and hope for the best! I mean God forbid one of them thinks he’s an asshole, that just can not happen. Gee, then you just might have to dump him.

So the cozy couple is cruisin down the highway in the pouring rain and almost smack into a man who is just standing there in the middle of the road trying to catch a ride. Slamming on the breaks they just miss running this freak show over. He doesn’t even flinch just keeps standing there with the rain pounding on him like there’s no tomorrow. Jim feels really bad and wants to pick him up but Grace says no way since he creeps her out and makes him take off pronto!


They stop off at a gas station slash convenience store to fill up and grab some junk food and of course Grace has got to pee again. The guy from the road gets dropped off there by a big mac truck that he hitched a ride with. He gets to talking with Jim and the clerk and asks if he could possibly catch a ride with them. Feeling put on the spot Jim says sure and the three of them hop back into the car and take off down the road.

Making small talk they find out his name is John Ryder and he is weird as hell. Soon you realize not only is he weird but he is a total nut job. He gets nasty and then grabs Grace by the hair and they all start fighting in the car. Somehow Jim and Grace manage to push his ass out the speeding car and he bounces out landing on his belly. Grace is hysterical crying and Jim is trying to calm her down. They sleep in the car for a bit then the next day Grace wants to go home but Jim talks her out of it.

Thinking everything that happened last night is past them they start their road trip again. A station wagon with a family in it passes them and the little boy in the very back is sitting there with his giant frog waving at them. They find him adorable until the frogs head moves and there is John Ryder staring at them with a smirk. They try to get the car to pull over so they can try and save them from the pain and heartache that this man will put them thru.

When they manage to get to the family a little bit later it’s too late for everyone but the dad. They pull into a restaurant parking lot and Grace runs in for help. The waitress thinks she is bad news and calls the cops. When the cops arrive the couple is blamed for the murders and taken in to the county jail to tell these officers what the hell is going on? Ryder shows up and things grow even more complicated. So now they are on the run like fugitives!

Can Grace and Jim get themselves out of this mess or will the cops just nail them for these horrible murders? Will John Ryder catch up with them and make them a part of history as well as that poor family he butchered. If you really want to know ask me because sitting thru this whole film will 100% annoy you!

The Hitcher (2007)

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  1. SteelScissorsInYourSkull

    This is one of the worst film remakes in the history of cinema. Out of 10 this movie is a 0. That’s a an epically low score considering the 1986 original is a suspenseful classic that does most everything right.

    Do not see this movie… Watch the original. Even if you’re the sort of person who thinks ‘older movies suck’ you’re cheating yourself if you watch The Hitcher remake first.


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