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Jessica Alba: Hottest Sexiest Photo Collection

Jessica Alba has long been a screen favorite for many reasons. Her beauty, charm, and natural acting talents present with grace and execution like no other. If you had any doubts about her on screen sex appeal then look no further than her roles in the movie “Sin City” where she played the character of Nancy (or as Sartana in 2010’s Machete). She not only knows how to keep us entertained while looking good doing it, but has the nicest smile in Hollywood!

Getting a pretty early start in her career, Alba would play the character of Max Guevera in the Dark Angel Series, a precursor to her ability in carrying action scenes and parts quite well.

Jessica has additionally granted us some great genre roles over the years (which we always make a point to call out) including the horror pieces: “The Eye”, “Paranoid”, “Idle Hands” and “The Veil“. “Idle Hands” would become a quirky cut favorite that had many asking..who is this beautiful girl and where can we see more of her?

Keeping things diverse she has lent her talents in everything from children’s film voice overs, to comedies, action thrillers, dance films and yes, super hero movies.

Playing the role of Susan Storm, she would give comic book fans a taste of the Invisible Woman in 2 Fantastic four films. Considering that she would be playing a traditional blond American woman (from the comics), I thought she was quite alluring and perfect for the role.

Simply enough, this lady has a great resume behind her as she continues to leap between motion picture and TV series situations/roles.

A great attitude goes a long way, but in our case, so does a smattering of really sexy photos shots over the years, Yep, hard not to love this lady with so many great images of her work and modeling spots oddling out over the years. Though with that said, Alba makes all photo shoots look sexy. And on that mention, we get with to the point of this whole feature, a page dedicated to Jessica Alba’s Hottest sexiest batch of photos collection!

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