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Home | Film Review: There Shall Come Angels (short film) (2017)

Film Review: There Shall Come Angels (short film) (2017)


On a winter’s night, a group of young carolers bring Christmas magic to a suburban neighborhood.


More short films, kiddies! Today we have THERE SHALL COME ANGELS, written and directed by Matthew Fackrell and Matt Nix.

Its Christmas, and our story opens on a young couple, heavily pregnant and even heavier in debt, trying to make the best of the situation. As they stare in desperation at the unpaid bills in the glow of a small Christmas tree, they hear a group of caroling children outside. They step out to listen, and see a small group of adorable little urchins all dressed in white, singing as beautifully as…..

ok maybe that metaphor is kind of unnecessary considering the title of the film.

I do so love a horror story set with a holiday backdrop. It may not seem like a horror movie at first, at least it didn’t to me. And in the end I’m not sure that “horror” is a fair description. Perhaps “cautionary tale”, the moral of the story being “don’t be a ____” well you get the idea.

I don’t know if this was the intent of the filmmakers, but the story has a “Grinch That Stole xmas” vibe, by way of the use of a narrator. The man’s voice is so on point, reminiscent of Boris Karloff reciting the Grinch. This narration is presented by voice actor Gildart Jackson. If you don’t know his name, you know his voice. You would have heard it in many projects including HELLSING ULTIMATE, CASTLEVANIA (tv series),  and STAR WARS : THE OLD REPUBLIC.

Mr. Fackrell and Mr Nix have some very impressive credits between the two of them. They bring a lot to the table on this short film and its really quite good. It appears to be a family production, a vanity project if you will. All the children in the caroling choir have one or the other last name, suggesting they are related to the filmmakers. The singing is actually done by the children, BTW, and its quite lovely.

Just remember kids…never incur the wrath of angels. They are beautiful and awful and to be both revered and feared.

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