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Elvira: Hottest Sexiest Photo Collection

Elvira Sexiest Photos
This galley is one special to hearts of horror lovers across the globe. In fact since Elvira is in fact a “fictional character”, it seemed odd not titling it a showcase to Cassandra Peterson, the actress behind the character. However just as the actress embraces her character, we wanted to return the favor and focus on a hot photo gallery dedicated to her alter personality Elvira. On that note, we do realize that the outfits, wigs, and dresses are part of the costume but in Cassandra’s case, we wanted to honor this persona specifically .

Actress Cassandra Peterson has been in the industry for quite some time. In fact she has been an actor since the 70’s. While non Elvira roles were intermittent here and there, Cassandra has primarily lived thru a Elvira-centric career. Although a 1-off experiment, 1988’s movie “Elvira: Mistress of the Dark” was fun, sexy, and appropriate for its time. In fact, upon viewing it recently, I found it to be a really fun film for horror fans who like a little humor thrown in. These were the fun times when society was less concerned about metoo movements and exploitation. It was the era where it was common ground to feature strippers in Heavy metal MTV videos.

The standout liner note on “Elvira: Mistress of the Dark” was it was also full of sexy (but funny) innuendoes. Cassandra embraces this character the same way as we embrace her on the screen.

These pictures though inspired by the greats of yesterday, Vampirella, The Munsters, The Adams Family and several 60’s horror films stars, still stand on their own as a moments in time capturing 1 beautiful lady.

There have been books and numerous Halloween appearances over the years that center on Cassandra’s talents, though it’s no surprise that they also center on her charm and good looks.

We loved collecting these images as they really resonate with our site’s theme (In fact we’ve also interviewed Elvira on HNN in the past and HERE) However, what better place to see a smattering of images all at once that in HNN’s own sexy photo gallery. One realization we discovered when looking for Elvira images to showcase is that really there ISN’T any images of Elvira that aren’t sexy.

We hope you enjoy the spread (pun intended) and find appreciation the same way do. Presenting Elvira’s Sexiest hottest Photo collection!

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