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Home | Film Review: Benehooy (short film) (2019)

Film Review: Benehooy (short film) (2019)


Dave and Owen test their fears and their friendship when confronted with how one properly drives through a tunnel.


More short films, kiddies! Today we have BENEHOOY, written and directed by Martin Vavra.

Two friends, Dave and Owen (Darius Pierce, Tyler Hughs) on a road trip, hunting trip maybe, driving through the night. It’s Dave’s turn to drive, but he has this thing he does – he has to honk the horn every time they enter a tunnel. Its a superstition he has, that a monster will appear if he doesn’t do it.

Poor Owen is trying to sleep before its his turn to drive again, and the horn thing is really annoying for him. He yells at Dave to stop, explaining that superstition is silly and nonsensical.

I would like to point out that through the course of this, Dave mentions a superstition that I always did as a kid. Gotta hold your breath when you walk past a cememtary, because its bad luck to breathe the air of the dead. Just sayin…no one else has ever heard of that when I mention it so I’m stoked to hear it mentioned.

Anyway, the question of whether or not these superstitions are silly is answered for us.

This is a short, straight forward story. Its uncomplicated, and its exactly all it needs to be. Some fun special effects in here, but I won’t go into too much of anything because spoilers.

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