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Film Review: Benehooy (short film) (2019)

SYNOPSIS: Dave and Owen test their fears and their friendship when confronted with how one properly drives through a tunnel. REVIEW: More short films, kiddies! Today we have BENEHOOY, written and directed by Martin Vavra. Two friends, Dave and Owen (Darius Pierce, Tyler Hughs) on a road trip, hunting trip maybe, driving through the night. It’s Dave’s turn to drive, …

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Film Review: The Collapsed (2011)

SYNOPSIS: The end of days has arrived in apocalyptic splendor. As cities lie in ruin and bodies scatter among ashes and blood stained streets the Weaver family clutches to hope and survival. While rioters and looters among scavengers scour the urban rubble Scott (John Fantasia) and Emily (Lise Moule) make the decision to flee across the dense brush with their …

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