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Film Review: Bill (short film) (2019)

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A widow employs the dark arts to see her husband once more.


More short films, kiddies! Today we have BILL, written and directed by Dan Gitsham & Sophie Mair. They are a husband and wife team of filmmakers working under the umbrella Sketchbook Pictures.

Our story opens on a widow (Roxana Vilk) who is doing SOMETHING (black magic? suicide attempt? illicit drugs? you be the judge) in order to make contact with her late husband. She is seated with his photo, alone in the dark, and ready to be reunited.

I suppose. I mean, I don’t think she was ready for how this actually played out, but you know….

This was pretty fun. Its not an overly complicated story, nor is it FX heavy. What we do get is pretty cool, BTW. Its like a campfire ghost story, in a way. Just a simple cautionary tale about messing about with forces we don’t understand.

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