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Magazine Review: Creepy Images Magazine – Issue 3

Published by Kessler & Benzel Gbr
Publication Date: 2009
Format: Color – 48 pages
Price: $9.50

Well, hopefully your aren’t new to this fine little well printed read…but if you are, you may want to pick up there 2 back issues as well. Creepy Images is the creation of T. Benxel who has such a love for all things horror collectible that he had to share the love with the rest of us. From this comes a showcase of rare, odd, and hard to find shots from posters to lobby cards to anything else that seems appropriate for the issue.

This round we are greeted with that ever popular haunting face of one Leather face who’s unless eyes are so authentic that’s its hard to believe that they were once occupied by the talents of Gunnar Hansen. They call it exploitation memorabilia and that’s exactly what you get. “Blutgericht in Texas” is the title used for the classic “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. And with it we get some classic shots that look so new that you’d think they were produced yesterday. These lobby cards are explained in detail and how you can tell the real from the fakes. Good stuff to know if your a serious collector that takes pride in authenticity.

The format continues as Creep Images provides a nice helping of additional foreign horror movies images. Titles featured include: Lucio fulci’s “L’Aldila'” or per “L’Au-Dela”, Dario Argento’s Rojo Obscuro (Profondo Rosso) and “Tombs of the Blind Dead” (La Noche Del Terror Ciego). In fact this last one is my favorite imagery of the bunch with beautiful undead corpses riding horses and attacking the cast. There is a vividness to the images enhanced with cool blues and stark orange tones.

Page 29 features a rare old poster of Vincent Price’s “House on Haunted Hill” which is a truly chilling piece of work. This is coming off the article provided titled “Fantastic Film Invades Germany”. A bit of historical background is covered about the specifics of German horror posters and collector tidbits of interest which most of the posters being hand illustrated before incorporating photo content. Again a nice collection you can pick this up at http://www.creepy-images.com/ or click on there examples pages.

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