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Book Review: American Conspiracies – Author Jesse Ventura

Written by: Jesse Ventura
Published by Skyhorse Publishing
Publication Date: 2010
Format: Black /White – 256 pages
Price: $24.95

Jesse Ventura, probably one of the boldest politicians within the system tells all in a intriguingly shocking overview of his knowledge on conspiracies and plots within. Those who know of his TV show “Conspiracy Theory” already know of his get-right-to-the heart of it approach on all things secret. In fact, my guess is if he wasn’t such a high profile figure already, he’d be in grave danger on a daily basis just for disclosing such details. (guessing that perhaps, you might be already on some level). But what I found that drove him to this publication was the fascination with conspiracies himself.

As it’s explained, Jesse would often fill in his free time from wresting by indulging in various conspiracy novels and literature coverage . It was during this time he grew interest in the Lincoln and Kennedy assassination. Being part of the government himself, he experienced quite a few situations that led him to believe that the truth published in books and in papers was not always as it really was (go figure!). This notion, his dedication to truth and the american way has led him down a new path intent on exposing what secrets or new theories he discovers in this journey. 911, not what it seems? A cover up , or political agenda? how about the Lincoln assassination being littered with false facts about John Wilkes Booth. Maybe something as simple as the implication of a 3 name lone nut always popping up? in major cover ups?

When the cases were exposed and documented all seemed too manufactured for comfort, so Jesse has taken the time to write a book on the subject, express his feelings, his discoveries and maybe shed a little light on the falsehoods we grew up with in history books. Whether we choose to believe it or not at least its out there with a new conviction and fresh look.

The book gets into elaborate detail on the financial institutions over the years and the master plans to control the directions of our nation….power brokers as they are called. Whatever the case, it’s manipulation and extent reaches thru out history under different leaders, agendas and circumstances.

Jesse discusses his conversation with Fidel Castro and some revealing details about the Kennedy Assassination. It’s an eye opening read to say the least. I found just with the chapters alone in the book, that readers may walk away with a whole new level of paranoia. Not that the information is entirely new, but that it’s collected, reanalyzed and condensed in an overview that presents each conspiracy with a renewed status of where its at now. The Kennedy assassination…..the possibility of 2 Oswalds is discussed in detail and the facts surrounding Those pesky presidential ballots and how the data might have been manipulated after the votes were tallied to push a political agenda. Ballot fraud, the stolen elections of 2000, 2005 and 2008, and even the delaying of the hostage releases to taint the public perception. Scary stuff…that needs to be said and heard for that matter.

Jesse discusses his run ins with the CIA, being tailed and his response to the whole matter. As he put it…. “they didn’t see me coming, and wanted to know if there were more like me in the wings”

The threat of our Democracy and what’s in store for our future. Stories of 911 and the Bush administration using the event to catapult agendas based on counter terrorism …which include a increase in torture tactics. Access to the world’s phone lines, and emails that enable them to scan per way of Cray supercomputers. Talk of underground bunkers already in full production…Wall Street scams and the fat cats that control our economy….and what high tech measures are already in place in support of the global information plans to monitor everything about everyone. Heard of the verichip that’s being injected into immigrants per hypodermic needles? If that doesn’t get you then maybe the biometrics will!

As Jesse’s research unveils, it paints a complete new picture to add to the already paranoia of government takeover and underground tactics. Control, power….and well a sequence of multiple checks and balances on world events that further point to an oncoming new world order. Myth, fiction…the signs suggest different. This read should be a mandatory material for high school and college students the world over. This way when they do grow into the future society they will have a better understanding of what’s at stake. As a fan of his TV series, this book is a perfect companion to some of the points made and touched upon on the TV show. I expect a 2nd book to emerge in the future from Jesse as he uncovers more mysteries of the world.

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  1. Jesse couldn’t be a bigger lunkhead. He is completely unable to defend any of his positions without resorting to bullying and bringing up his past military service. A book is the natural progression for him, as nobody can argue he can say anything. Search for the Opie and Anthony interview where they discuss his “findings”. His 9/11 conspiracy is paranoid delusion at best. Somehow he thinks GW managed to paint the entire interior of both WTC buildings with “thermite paint”, AND have Muslim Terrorists steer two jets into them. I’m a fireman. Steel beams unprotected by fire retardant (as was the case in the WTC) don’t melt but they do weaken significantly. The impact of one floor collapsing onto another increases the load significantly (impact load). Weakened steel + increased/unplanned load = catastrophic collapse.


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