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10 Horror Movies You Should Watch In The New Year (If You Haven’t Already)

2018 truly was a spectacular year for horror movies and movies in general. Laying host to some of the most exhilarating and intense horrors of the last 10 years, 2018 has provided us all with a brilliant roster of movies to keep us occupied all throughout 2019. Here are 10 horror movies which you should watch in the new year (if you haven’t already). Fair warning, as there are some minor spoilers within the list.

A Quiet Place

One of the most revered movies of 2018 was A Quiet Place, which was praised for its ingenuity and brilliant execution, even managing to find its way on the ‘Top 10 Films of 2018’ lists of both the National Board Of Review and American Film Institute. In addition to this, it also managed to steal a Golden Globe award for the Best Original Score and a Screen Actors Guild Award for Emily Blunt as best supporting female role. Following the story of the Abbott family, we’re transported into the dystopian world of 2020, where most of Earth’s human and animal populations have been wiped out by blind creatures with an acute sense of hearing. Unable to speak out loud, the family are forced to communicate through the use of sign language. The onscreen chemistry between real-life couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski weaves perfectly into the depressing atmosphere given off by the movie. A must-see by all standards.


Hereditary portrays the chilling tale of the Graham family, a grieving family which is disturbingly plagued and haunted by chilling events as the matriarch of the family, the estranged Ellen Leigh, passes away. After members of the family consult supernatural forces, sinister secrets from the family’s past are unravelled and along with them, tales of emotional trauma which have been passed down through generations. Harrowing a horrifying, Hereditary is one movie you don’t want to watch alone.


John Carpenter’s 1978 classic received its heavily anticipated sequel in 2018, which went on to break several box office records such as largest grossing slasher movie, largest grossing debut for a female cast member, biggest Blumhouse opening, etc. Continuing the events from the movie dated 40 years before this one, Halloween circulates around the life of Laurie Strode and her broken life, crippled by the paranoia of her estranged brother Michael’s anticipated return to Haddonfield. When the prison transfer bus crashes, Michael escapes from his captors and descends upon Haddonfield to attend to his unfinished business in the once-devastated town. The slasher which defines modern slasher movies, Halloween is seriously a movie to watch in the new year, if you didn’t take the opportunity to watch it on Halloween night. Beware the Shape, he’s coming to a town near you!

The Nun

In the same universe of The Conjuring, The Nun tells the story of the very same demonic nun who brought terror to our screens in The Conjuring 2. After a nun at an abbey in Romania takes her life, a priest is sent to investigate the circumstances by the Vatican. Upon arrival, it soon becomes clear that there is a demonic and unholy entity swarming itself around the abbey and soon a battle between the living and the dead begins. For fans of The Conjuring, The Nun is an excellent start to your 2019.

The Meg

Jason Statham and a 70-foot shark; what more could you possibly want? Set in the depths of the Mariana Trench (the deepest known part of the ocean), Captain Jonas Taylor’s story unfolds as he is dishonourably discharged from the Navy for abandoning half of his crew after seeing a 70-foot Megalodon shark in the depths of the ocean. 5 years later, Jones is enlisted to help rescue another group of people from the Meg. Will he be able to face his fears and fight this fiend?


The long-awaited remake of the beloved Dario Argento classic proved to be a hit amongst cinemagoers. Clocking in at 152 minutes, this disturbing flick far exceeds the usual length of any modern horror movie and every single minute is worth watching. Set at the fictional world-famous dance academy ran by the mysterious Madame Blanc, this new twist in the Suspiria tale takes place during 1977, right in the midsts of the Cold War with a devastated Berlin setting. Director Luca Guadagnino plays beautifully and darkly into the Cold War despair and depression with his lack of a bright colour scheme which the original was renowned for. Definitely taking a massively darker turn than the original Suspiria (if ever that was possible to do), the 2018 remake of Suspiria is one to be loved and feared by horror fans alike. With a truly violent and terrifying conclusion, Suspiria is one horror movie you really should watch in the new year. That is, of course, if you haven’t already been haunted by it after already watching it.


One of the finest historical themed horror movies, Overlord transports us back into the world of 1944, just on the eve of the D-Day landings, June 5th. A paratrooper squad is sent to destroy a German radio tower located in an old French town in an attempt to quash a crucial Nazi communication network. After their plane is shot down, a group of soldiers who survive team up to make their way to the Nazi tower, with the assistance of a villager. Upon exploring the tower, the group discover that the Nazis have been working on the most horrific human experimentations imaginable. Just what lies within the walls of the communication towers?


Religious horrors provide the basis for some of the most unique and particularly haunting plotlines in horror cinema and Apostle is no exception. Rather a small movie in comparison to the others on this list, Apostle is well worth the effort of finding to be able to watch. Taking us back to 1905, a drifter by the name of Thomas Richardson embarks on a life-threatening mission to rescue his sister, who has been kidnapped by a sinister and mysterious religious cult. Demanding a ransom for the safe return of Thomas’ dear sister, the cult is unaware of the darkness which is about to be unleashed upon the remote island upon which they reside.


Another horror set back in time along with a cultish theme, this time in 1983, Mandy paints the story of Red, a lumberjack living in a secluded cabin in the woods, with his girlfriend Mandy, who spends her days reading. In true horror fashion, she one day catches the eye of a demented cult leader, who proceeds to send his biker goons to kidnap the poor woman. Red, played stunningly by Nicholas Cage, ventures on a gut-wrenching and stomach-churning line of revenge in an attempt to save Mandy, the woman he loves. With an LSD-infused element to the movie, Mandy makes for a surreal psychedelic trip of mammoth proportions, this time more bloodily than you would ever expect. Truly one to watch in 2019.

Bird Box

Subject to worldwide appraisal and a huge social media buzz, Bird Box could possibly be *the* horror movie of 2018. Starring A-list actress Sandra Bullock, Bird Box follows a mother of two children who is in a desperate attempt to help herself and her children reach safety. As a result of unseen terrors lurking in the surrounding world causing people to commit suicide, mother Malorie and her children must navigate the perilous path blindfolded in order to escape the grisly demise of most of society. Bird Box is truly a horror movie which seals the deal of 2018 being a superb year in horror. A must-watch by all standards.

With more spectacular movies set to be released in the new year, 2019 is set to be another bloodcurdling and brilliant year of horror cinema. If you haven’t had a chance to catch up with the awesome releases of 2018, this list will at least pave part of your way to enjoyment. Which movie do you think defined 2018 in horror?

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