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Interview: Dee Wallace (Beyond the Sky)

Dee Wallace is one of our greatest talents of all-time. As an actress Dee has starred in over two hundred films, television shows and more. Her resume is a guide to what films to watch. Everything from “The Hills Have Eyes” (1977), “Critters”, “E.T.”, “The Howling”, “Supernatural”, “General Hospital”, “The Lords of Salem”, “Death House” and so many more.

Dee also has an incredible podcast in which is a healing show called, “Conscious Creation Radio Show.” When you meet Dee Wallace in person which I have been fortunate enough to do a few times (and my amazing Artist mom Betty Spiegel) Dee is a light. She is positive and she is wonderful to talk to. It was an honor to speak with Dee Wallace today about her new film “Beyond the Sky” (Dee plays Lucille) and more. Dee is always busy and working. She has several films coming out including the highly anticipated, “3 From Hell” directed by Rob Zombie.

It was an honor to talk with this wonderfully talented woman for Horrornews.net

Dee- Hi Janel

Hi Dee, How are you?

Dee- Pretty darn awesome. How are you?

I am doing good. I have been listening to your podcast, “Conscious Creation Radio Show” and it is making me feel better.

Dee- Oh, Awesome.

I have some things going on health-wise and I have had the honor of meeting you a few times. You are just absolutely the greatest person. You are so positive.

Dee- Oh gosh Honey. Thank you so much. I am glad it is helping you. It is all about walking forward. I stand with you on that.

I have watched “Beyond The Sky” as I have seen all of your films. Oh and “Ouija House” was so good. You did a great job.

Dee- (Laughter, she is so wonderful and her laugh makes you smile) Oh, I am glad you liked it.

Lucille is so feisty in “Beyond the Sky”, she is so feisty and I like her. I think they should have had more Lucille in this movie. Did you take anything from personal experience to play Lucille? I felt like the film needed more Dee.

Dee- No, you know. My whole technique is based on kind of channeling the character. I loved…. Lucille. Lucille wasn’t written as feisty as I felt like she was. If you take the word you could have played that character as somebody in a wheelchair who was kind of subdued. There’s a lot of different places you could have taken her. But, I always kind of feel into the character and feel into who they are. For me she was just that…. Smoker who is no-nonsense and when I started talking to the director and I got on the set about her and everything. She just came to life that way and he loved it and I loved it. That’s what we went with and you know working with Ryan Carnes (He plays Chris Norton) was just a joy. He is so good, he is so present. We had a lot of stuff flying back and forth between the two of us. It was a lot of fun so I am glad you enjoyed it. I loved the script, I loved the statement of the film. How aliens are nice. They are here and yes they are studying us, they want to help us. They can’t intervene at all. I know that “E.T.” got it right and I was thrilled to see another project that represented them as beings that were searching just like we are.

You always play such amazing strong characters and I have to tell you that you are always the best mom and so cute in “E.T.” Now, did you face any type of challenges on-set of “Beyond the Sky”?

Dee- Well, Thank you. You know the only challenge we had was time. We shot all my scenes in that one day. We were just challenged with coming in and having enough time to read and play, find everything. I know when we go in to the other room, in the darker room where the scientific piece is in the book case. We were a little challenged about how to film that because it was such a small area. But, mostly no the director and Ryan and I were pretty much on the same page there. It just was an easy flow.

You were quick in the film and funny. The way Lucille introduced herself to Ryan and then when you walk by your husband and go, oh that is my husband Ed.

Dee- Yeah (laughing)

It was just so natural and something you would see in real life. This feisty, smart woman who has all these secrets but you really want to hang out with her.

Dee- Yeah, I think she had a lot of secrets too. (Laughter) Personally and in the sci-fi world. You know when you have that short of a screen time it is challenging in a fun way to make sure there’s a complete creation of who she is so that the audience goes Oh, I know her by the time she is off camera. So, thank you. That is a nice compliment.

What are you working on next Dee and is there anything at all you can share about the character you will be playing in “3 From Hell?”

Dee- Well, you will have to look really closely to recognize who I am in it. I’ll give you that. It’s quite out there. Rob Zombie fans are not going to be disappointed in this one. I guarantee it. I have a beautiful little Christmas film that I am going to do in December. I have five films coming out. One of them is “3 From Hell” and one of them is a beautiful Christmas film. Sissy Spacek’s daughter Schuyler plays my daughter in it. It’s called, “Every Other Holiday.” Another beautiful Christmas film with Tatyana Ali and then two more horror films. So, I’ve been kind of all over the map and “NCIS” I just finished and it will air at the end of October I believe.

Do you have any upcoming appearances and will you continue the podcast?

Dee- Oh yes I do my podcast show, my healing show. It is a free call-in show where I channel for everybody calling in. That is on every Sunday morning, 9:00 am Pacific time. Over the internet on Blog Talk http://www.blogtalkradio.com/consciouscreation If you go to my website https://iamdeewallace.com/ on the home page it tells you how to get to the podcast. But, it’s on iTunes and iHeartRadio, all over the place if you just look for Conscious Creation and I have lots of appearances. I will be in Cape May in October, I am going to be in Toronto, in Scotland, in Manchester, England. Some other places, San Antonio in October on the convention circuit so pretty busy the rest of the year for sure.

I could ask you a million questions and it has been an honor. My mom and her sister were talking about when they were younger and seeing your films. My mom and I had the chance to meet you a few times and you are just so positive and such a light. My mom always says you are the happiest, most wonderful person. I started listening to your podcast and you helped me turn a lot around. You made me feel like I can conquer the world. I can’t ever thank you enough.

Dee- My darling, you turned it around for you. You heard the truth about how powerful you are and you turned it around so you keep turning it around. Keep creating what you want. Okay.


Dee- You have so much ahead of you. Quit looking at the reality behind you because that was all the stuff you created from a lesser perspective. But now you are on the track and you know how much you can create so let’s go forward from here, okay.

Yes, I agree. Thank you.

Dee- Alright, sweetheart. Thank you.

I thank you and thank you for always being so kind to me and my mom and all my silly stories and my Bella Luna Roma is here with me. She is listening and falling asleep. Your voice is comforting to her.

Dee- (Laughter) I love doggie stories. Doggies love me.

You are just wonderful and you did such an amazing job in “Beyond the Sky”, I hope they do more with her. I loved Lucille.

Dee- Well, maybe if we do a sequel we will get her written in a little more.


Dee- Okay, thank you sweetheart and many blessings.

Blessings to you Dee and thank you always.

“Love yourself beyond anyone or anything else. Love yourself so much that you can’t do anything that doesn’t make you love yourself more.” Dee Wallace https://iamdeewallace.com/

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