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Home | Film Review: Pronoia (short film) (2017)

Film Review: Pronoia (short film) (2017)


3 choices. 2 sides. 1 truth.


More short films, kiddies! Today we have PRONOIA, written and directed by Nick Efteriades.

Our story focuses on two characters meeting in a hotel lobby. It doesn’t seem like they know each other, yet they do seem to be here for the same reason. As their conversation moves to the hotel bar, they find out more about each other and why they are here.

It’s a strange film, kiddies. I’m not sure if its science fiction, or a noir, or something else. I did look up the word “pronoia” out of curiosity. It means the opposite of paranoia, that is to say the belief in a conspiracy that is for one’s benefit, not detriment.

I enjoyed the film, even if I’m not so sure I understand it. I’ve gone back and rewatched it a few times to try and get a grip but it may just be beyond me. The tagline for the film is “3 choices. 2 sides. 1 truth”. I invite you to take the challenge.

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